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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hoyu Beautylabo Bubble Whip Hair Color in Classical Berry

It was just a matter of time that other Japanese brands would start to come out with foaming hair colors just like Kao Prettia´s version!

Hoyu Beautylabo seems to be quite a popular Japanese hair dye brands and they released the Bubble Whip Hair Color just shortly ago.
The Bubble Whip is the cutest hair dye I have seen so far! It comes in a shaker like you would use for milk shake... and which makes this hair color even comfier to use than the Prettia one!

Mixing and using this is super easy. Just pour agent 1 in the shaker, then add the powder and then shake your soul out. I would say I gave it about 30-40 heavy shakes and ended up with nice fluffy foam.At first the dye has a strong berry scent but after mixing it´s quite a pungent harsh ammonia smell.

Then scoop out the foam with your hands and slap it on your head - done! Application takes me about 5 minutes, with about 3 minutes extra to massage and make sure the hairline is covered well.

Since you take the foam out of the shaker with your hands you don´t need to push a bottle or something which was the only small draw-back of the Prettia colors as my fingers start to hurt after some time and application takes at least 10 minutes longer for me.

I chose the color Classical Berry. The color that should come out seems to vary greatly on your natural color so it´s probably somewhere between a medium berry red and deep plum.

I can´t yet say anything about the staying power of this dye but the color I got is this:



As you see there isn´t much difference. Not much red either. So this is pretty much where my excitement ends! My hair is smooth and shiny and doesn´t feel damaged or dry at all (I use lots of nourishing stuff for it though!) but I honestly wanted a slightly more purplish color or any noticable color at all! And I am pretty sure that after say 5 washes most of the slight reddish tint will pretty much be gone!
Maybe it´s not to blame on the color but on the fact that my hair has several dyes on top of each other now so maybe it just doesn´t take anymore!

I will try other colors later on but so far I am not overly thrilled! At least my kids love to play with the shaker that came with the dye =P

I got my Hoyu Beautylabo from eBay (my favorite seller Alphabeautyuk).


The Vain Girl's Palette said...

Wahhh now there's this new bubble one i dont know which one to get >_<
which one do you think damaged your hair the least? thanks

Georgina said...

Thanks for this review Kathi! I would love to try it! im definitely browsing on ebay right after i comment on your post! :) but im staying away from alphabeauty because they dont ship to the philippines :(

i agree, the mixer/tumbler is so much more convenient than the pump! :)

good luck on the staying power! :)

skyblueinsf said...

Thanks for the review. My hair is the result of the Kao bubble Cherry and my hair root is losing color now...

Will see how long will your new bubble dye last this time before I tried. Please let us know if you think it last long or not. Thanks.

Stephine said...

Such a cool product. I've never seen anything like it. It actually looks like you've got a lot of cute products over there! Ha, love them!

K said...

the packaging is so cute! lol

it doesnt seem to show as bright as prettia did on your hair.. i still dont know what to get. i dyed my hair at the salon about a month ago.. do you think these dyes will stay on my dyed hair.. or should i wait longer? xx

Unknown said...

that is suck a cute packaging :)

Anonymous said...

A milk shake-inspired hair coloring bottle. How creative!!

windzz said...

hi, I tried the classical honey one and I love it ^^, the smell also quite nice

Unknown said...

Hey, I dunno if you've managed to figure it out yet..but I found out whilst using this that if you keep it to stay for longer than 30 mins (I did mine for an hour) then you get a darker/brighter shade... My colour is in 'Candy Pink' and it gave me a really nice shade! :) Hope this helps ~

I just happen to find your page cos I was looking for an online seller for Beautylabo, since I'm about to run out of my stock that I brought back from Japan. Thanks for the recommendation tho! :)

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