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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kao Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner + Inner Rich Treatment Set (revamped version 2010) - "Pink Asience"

I recently reviewed the Kao Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner and just finished the bottles maybe a month ago.
There I was innocently browsing eBay and found a new version of the same stuff available now! can imagine the rest of the story (purchased, paid, waited for it about 10 days and finally could try the new things out!)

Anyway, what tricked me into buying the new shampoo & conditioner (and treatment) was the PINK packaging! Kao went from plain deep brown to pretty pearly pink! How sweet!
The Shine Therapy line is for permed, dyed and seriously damaged hair so it fits right for me (dyed and I love to use the flat iron and curling iron regularly!).

The one thing I had hoped for was an improvement of the scent as I just thought the older version had such a strong overpowering harsh herb scent. However I don´t feel a real difference in that department though I find I now somehow got used to the scent and actually like how my hair smells when it´s dry (very clean with a soft floral-herbal note) ...maybe the took out the harshness of the scent? I don´t have the older version anymore so I can´t really compare side by side.

Otherwise I don´t see how the formula changed. The Asience Shine Therapy has always been excellent and stays that way. Now that I also have the Inner Rich treatment (which - if I understand correctly - is to be used between shampoo and conditioner like it´s common among Japanese brands - as the treatment should nourish deep inside the hair whereas conditioner will put a coat on the outside of the hair) .

My 3 steps for wonderfully shiny and soft hair are: shampoo, treatment (3-5 minutes), conditioner (1-2 minutes). I might also use a leave-in treatment and/or styling products like hair cream and/or wax but if I leave my hair dry naturally the Asience stuff is easily enough to give me smooth and bouncy hair.

So this super rich hair care series is really great if you have damaged and/or dyed hair. If your hair is normal or oily I´d get one of the other series from Asience instead (Moisture Balance for normal-oily and Inner Rich for normal-dry).

Alphabeautyuk charges US$13.95 + US$9.50 shipping for the set of 3 (220ml each of the shampoo and conditioner and 100g of the treatment). You could also get the 3 goodies from Sasa but it´s now out of stock and price-wise actually Alphabeautyuk is better.


Laura L said...

oh, my local drugstore is currently promoting these shampoo, but I didn't see the pink package shampoo, only Inner shine series and creamy light pearly green packaging shampoo

beautyparler said...

I love the original version haven't tried this one out yet. The original Ascience is so good & your right the smell is a bit different.

galpal.hi said...

Recently, I had been looking around for some new hair treatment items because my hair has gotten really brittle. It's so bad! I saw the Kao line in our local store but decided to try Shiseido's Tsubaki Hair Mask for damaged hair. I've only used it twice but it seems to be helping. There's one item that I tried out of desperation and I LOVE it! I usually don't like to use anything on my hair after it's dry and you leave in because it makes my hair a feel like there's something in it and not soft and silky. However, this stuff is great! It's Lever Lux Super Damage Repair Essence (Treatment Water). My son's girlfriend forgot it here during their winter trip here from Japan. iMomoko had it but it is out of stock. I found it from some other web stores but the shipping is a bit ridiculous. I'm checking with one other place to see what their shipping is. If you're interested, please email me and I will let you know what the the site is if the shipping price is reasonable. If not, I may have to ask my son to buy it and send it to me. Sorry this is so long!


ErynneC said...

Oh, I love Kao Asience hair products! So far, the best shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Too bad, as usual this is not available in the UK!

shopaholic said...

hmm... i've tried the shampoo & conditioner (the pink ones) and i still prefer pantene for drugstore labels.

Cutie Fishball said...

Actually I was trying the Oshima Tsubaki Camilla Oil for hair after shampoo and it does restore shine and suppleness to my dried out hair (from room heaters in harsh winters!) Definitely worth trying. Linky here:

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