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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Somang Beauty Credit Milk Hand Cream & Milk Hand Balm

I think handcare is very important...after all our hands are so active all the time, exposed to the sun etc. it´s important to take good care of them.

I go through handcreams like nobody else. I think I easily use up a tube per week so I get the opportunity to test lots of handcare items within short time actually =)

Recently I found these cute Milk items from Somang Beauty Credit on Sasa so I hauled them as I firstly like everything with milk and 2nd the things were cute and cheap!

I got the Milk Hand Cream and the Milk Hand Balm (which is long gone by now) and am delighted with both, especially with the Hand Balm!

I like the design with that cute fat cow (she looks like she´d have lots of milk!)....and I have a weakness for all kind of beauty products containing milk!
Both hand treatments smell really yummy, a light milky vanilla-baby powder kind of scent.

The Milk Hand Balm comes in a 40ml tub which sounds little at first but actually a little goes a long way so I enjoyed the balm for about 2 weeks before it was gone (with about 2-3x daily use). The Milk Hand Balm is rich and thick and very creamy and makes my skin buttery soft so I decided to order a few more tubs on Sasa!

The Milk Hand Cream comes in a 100ml squeeze tube which is a quite generous size as in my experience most hand creams contain between 50-75ml.
This is lighter than the balm but moisturizing enough for dailiy usage. If you need a deeper care with more lipids I´d recommend the Hand Balm.
All in all this stuff is nice, too!

I ordered both items from Sasa and paid about US$4 for the Milk Hand Balm and US$5 for the Milk Hand Cream.


Foxy Frangipani said...

*gasp*.. a tube a week?! Seriously?
:) Thanks for the review, now I'm itching to get this as well heehehe.

estherfkim said...

i've been using the milk balm as well and am loving it! also love the super cute packaging :)

Samy said...

oh cute!and they look so yummi *___*

galpal.hi said...

This milk balm sounds very interesting. I may have to get it. I love milk scents too.


Unknown said...

These look so cute ^^ they also look yummy to eat too ^^

paperdollrevenge said...

I go through hand creams quickly too! These are super duper cute! I will have to grab some on my next Sasa order. Thanks for sharing, I love your reviews!

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