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Friday, April 2, 2010

Shills Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask

Shills is not a brand that particularly caught my attention before... I read a few reviews on the Muse´s blog and ordered couple of BB Creams but both didn´t work for me at all (very sheer coverage and they gave me rashes and bumps).

Sasa (aka the devil) updated their site with lots of interesting new products and among them a whole truckload of different Shills stuff.
As I am a sucker and beauty stuff addict and since I always like to give brands that failed for me the first time a 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance and since Shills stuff is cheap I purchased a variety of items which I will start reviewing today.

Sheet masks usually work for me (except My Beauty Diary and a few others brands) so I thought why not get those cool Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Black Masks). I paid a bit more than US$8 for 7 pieces which is quite a good deal! was kinda hard to figure out the correct name of this stuff as the whole box is printed with various slogans like "Deep Cleansing" and "Anti-bacteria and excellent" and the name itself (which I suppose is the stuff written in the yellow box) says this stuff is whitening. Seems this is your perfect solution to any kind of skin concerns you might ever face!

The Singlish the box is printed in is quite cute, I like the fact that these masks can "draw out and decompensate the impurities such as fat and dirt inside the pore" and "the special adjunction of Hawaii seaweed gel can facilitate your skin metabolism and regulate the fat, to remove the trace of aging" etc.
Please click on the pic to enlarge to read about the amazing virtues of the Bamboo Charcoal masks!

Here is also an ingredients list which looks quite good to me as there are lots of plant extracts but no parabens listed. However I don´t understand the "Gigawhite" written in brackets after the natural ingredients? I suppose this should give a hint that these ingredients are helping in whitening your skin? Anyway call me stupid but the ingredients list doesn´t look like it was typed by a pro?

Anyway, if you are lazy to click the ingredients pic, here are some of them:
Algae, Bamboo Charcoal (though I don´t know which of the ingredients is the bamboo!) Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, Witch Hazel Extract, Horse Chestnut, Chamomile, Arbutin, Mauve Extract, Mint ("which can not only calm and relax your intense skin, but brighten your skin in the twinkling of an eye simultaneously" lol) etc.
Ok ok, enough blabla about the box and ingredients lol! The masks themselves are pretty good actually!

They are black masks but not as black or soft as the ones from Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei. The cut and fit is good but the masks don´t adhere well around my chin area. Also the 25ml content make the mask slide down a bit so while wearing it for 15 mins I need to adjust it a few times.
Away from that the masks are really refreshing and make my skin soft. I had some red patches and irritations and the mask I wore today significantly reduced the redness.

I was afraid of using it as the box says "Deep Cleansing" and that it will suck the oil out of my pores but I think this is a very mild formulation and it suits my sensitive skin very nicely.

All in all I say these masks are very worth their affordable price and I can highly recommend them.

Made in Taiwan, 25ml per mask sheet, 7 sheets per box. Retails for about US$8.40 on


Laura L said...

interesting. Will in shrink our pores?

myolie said...

sasa, the devil (lol). i am staying away from shills too,i dont like their peel off mask. but will give this a try once i used up all of my mask( i'm on a budget). ^ ^

birkinbagbeauty said...

hey, you have spotted the extra addition of Shill products as well. Yeh, sasa is absolutely a source of temptation, I was lured in by the Shills too! I cannot wait to see what else you bought from Shills.

Eye Cream Reviews said...

The mask contains aloe and plant extract essence to brighten skin, Hydrochloric acid to moisturize dehydrated skin. It effectively softens the skin and controls sebum. You can also use their eye creams, best treatment for wrinkles.

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