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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Anosa Q10 Eye Cream Set & GIVEAWAY =)

Finally that ash cloud is gone! My husband was stuck for 4 days in London until he finally managed to catch a flight to here! Oh and the packages I am waiting for are subject to delay *sigh*. Hah, anyway, I have enough stuff to review even if we should have an ash cloud disrupting air mail for the next 10 years I´d still probably be able to do a review per day haha!

Anyways, Sasa is pure temptation as they just can´t stop listing cool new things... that´s really hard for a beauty stuff junkie like me as I need to haul and there is no way out of that! =P

So...2 bottles of eye cream for US$5.40? I am sold! Anosa is a sister brand of Shills as they´re under the same company.... Anosa is somehow not as cute as Shills but they have some good products worth trying out!

Anosa has several Eye Creams (Sets) up for grabs but Sasa only has the Q10/Elder Tree version (right now).

I am a sucker for eye creams... no idea why, but eye creams just appeal to me very much! I rarely ever have irritations caused by eye creams which is weird since the rest of my face likes to act up when I try to indulge it with something new so maybe that´s why I like buying eye creams!

So the usual not too expensive eye cream contains about 15ml and will set me back around US$15-20. Anosa gives me 2 *35ml* bottles for about US$5 (or at least Sasa charged me that) so can they be good?

First off packaging is very basic and simple as the creams are packed in hygienic pump-bottles. The pump isn´t the best as it somehow has the tendency to be hard to push but when it moves it will spritz out lots of cream so just push gently not to end up with eye cream on your mirror.
Design-wise the labels remind me of some plant-based pharmacy skincare line. A bit cuteness wouldn´t have hurt but it´s still appealing to me.

If you scan the ingredients lists you will notice that the formulas of the Elder Tree Eye Cream and the Q10 Eye Cream are almost identical. Just the last few ingredients are different.

Since the ingredients are nearly the same the texture is identical, too. Both are lightweight yet moisturizing and make the skin around my eyes very soft and smooth and are a perfect prep for eye makeup/concealer.
I am not sure if the creams have any effect away from moisturizing so for a basic eye care for younger ladies both are a perfect inexpensive choice but if you want deeper care, something against dark-circles or anti-wrinkle ingredients these creams will probably not succeed.

There are some really nice ingredients in the formulas like Macadamia Nut Oil, Collagen, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Both creams are unscented and don´t irritate my eyes at all.

Overall I really like the eye creams and think they are great value for money. The expiry and production dates are printed on the box and mine is very fresh, just was produced a few months ago and will expire in 3 years (which is probably the time needed to finish 70ml of eye cream hehe).

Sasa claims:
  • 【Q10 Eye Cream】(35 ml)
    It contains coenzyme Q10, an super antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient, and highly moisturizing collagen to firm skin around eyes and restore its moisture-retaining ability. It is more penetrating and is more similar to skin constituent. It re-energizes skin around eyes, leaving eyes firm and hydrated again. Accompanied by massage to promote blood circulation, it restores skin’s elasticity, prevents dryness and relieves the tired eye contour.
    How to use: Morning and night, take a pearl-sized amount to gently apply to eye area. Follow with eye massage, or coverage of eyes with palms with fingers covering forehead. Let the warmth of hands warm up the eye contour to promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness as well as dark circles.
  • 【Elder Tree Eye Cream】(35 ml)
    It contains eye-firming factor extracted from elder tree to firm skin around eyes. Eye bags will become unobvious. Skin will be firm and delicate again. With shea butter, niacinamide derivatives, vitamin E and vitamin K, the fresh cream, which is easy to absorb, is more effective in moisturizing skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines due to dryness.
    How to use: Morning and night, take a pearl-sized amount to gently apply to eye area. Follow with eye massage, or coverage of eyes with palms with fingers covering forehead. Let the warmth of hands warm up the eye contour to promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness as well as dark circles."
One reader can win a duo pack of the Anosa
Q10 & Elder Tree Eye Cream! The duo pack is fresh (expiry in December 2012) and comes in a sealed box.

How to enter:
-Only open to followers (so please make sure you follow me on blogger)!
Make sure by your nickname or name I can clearly identify you!
-Open worldwide!
-Please leave a comment to this post (telling me which kind of eye care you use or want to use)
-Giveaway open until Saturday, May1st 2010, 8 PM (my time, Vienna time-zone)
-Winner will be randomly chosen by and announced here by Sunday, 2nd of May 2010. Please make sure to email me to claim your prize within 3 days after winner is announced or new winner will be drawn.


Annie Dong said...

I've just finished Beautymaker, but that one went so fast so I probably won't be repurchasing. I'd say I'm looking into Boscia, Dr. Hauschka (want to use his entire line actually), or some other more natural product that I can find at my local health-food store. :)

Unknown said...

Interesting post, never came across these before although I do own some of shills cream.

Wondering if they have any tiny particles in them because some do have them for a brightening effect.

Denysia Yu said...

Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

My eye care consists of me using kiehl's creamy eye treatment!

Exquizeet said...

Yay! A giveaway!!

Jenny said...

HI Kathi,

Thanks for the great giveaway, I am currently using a eyecream by UNT for dark circles, I been wanting to try out the Estee Lauder advance night repair for eyes.

CL said...

Hi! I would love to enter this giveaway - for my eyes, I currently use the L'egere eye roller followed by Beautymaker's Aquamarine Hydrating Eye Serum. I would love to try out the Anosa eye creams! Thanks :)

Samy said...

Hi Kathi, Thanks for the giveaway!
my eyes's care is really small as a daily cream i use byphasse (for now), and sometimes Purederm eye patch or a eye mask in cream by bottega verde (italian brand) ^^

Jamie said...

Hi! :) i'm a follower of yours its been a year but never commented! (i follow via Google Reader so you wouldn't even know i follow you lol)

I recently finished my Mario Badescu Ceramide eye cream and to be honest i really didnt like it :( It doesn't absorb fast and makes my eye area look really oily. One think i like about it is that it works well under make up (it doesn't ball up when i apply concealer and the alikes). Now i just started using a cheap drugstore Biore see into the future (?) eye cream and i'm actually really impressed with the quality! Its very light and absorbs easily :) I dont know how it works with make up cuz i'm using it only at night at the moment.

anyway. these creams look very interesting! I'd be delighted to try them out :) thanks for hosting this contest!

Chao said...

I haven't used any eye creams before so this is interesting! I'm looking forward to trying Olay's Regenerist eye cream, but I'm not so sure yet either. And I've posted your giveaway on my sidebar here:

Shop N' Chomp said...

- Follower!

-I am about to finish my La Mer and am looking for a less expensive alternative. :)

Hikaru said...

Hi dear Kathy~!!!

I apply my Clarins Baume Contour de Yeux every night because it works wonders with my Atopic Dermatitis (I have it in my eyes too~....).

Keep the good job you do with your reviews :) Chao~!

Stylista Fitness said...

I use night cream from ponds :D my mom swears by it. keeps the skin youthful!

Mademoiselle C. said...

I'm in ! Thanks for your giveaway :)

I like to use some "blue drops" to calm and brighten my eyes.

Unknown said...

I'd like to use a light eye cream which could make my dark circles lighter :)haven't found it yet though!

mandy said...

I'm currently using The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye cream. It doesn't really do anything IMO. I was thinking of trying the Origins Ginzing next. But maybe I'll try this instead because of the price difference.

Thanks for the giveaway! :]
I received the samples that you sent for the last mini giveaway. Thank you! Can't wait to use it.

-Yu- said...

lovely! a giveaway! I've been dying to try out Skinfood Salmon eye brightening eye cream. I have not tried out that line yet, but i heard great reviews.

estherfkim said...

Ohh another giveaway, yay! Sign me up! I currently am using the cosmetex eyecream as purchased after reading your review :)

Proud Shopper said...

That's a real steal!
I am currently not using any eye creams but I 'd love to start using one. My eye bags need some treatment!

kit said...

Not using an eye cream currently since it's tough to find a good one. I'm probably not supposed to do this but I just use some of my Vitacreme near the eye area. Though this definitely looks interesting and the price is right too.

Amy said...

Hi, I would lovet to enter the giveaway! I currently don't use eye cream, but would like to use some now due to allergies making me rub my eyes and they become dry.

J said...

Currently using Biotherm's Biofirm Lift Yeux. It moisturizers well and reduces puffiness to some extent but sadly does nothing for dark eye circles.

Follower nickname: hateedu

Thanks for giveaway!

sizbelle said...

Great giveaway! Indeed inexpensive finds..

I'm now using olay total effects anti aging eye cream as it was advertised to be more effective than those costly ones. Was using kose one for few years before I start to realise I need to reduce fine lines..

Anonymous said...


I would like to start use a eyes serum, light texture and heavy hydrating!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Your blog has some great reviews! I love reading your Etude House reviews. Currently, I am using the Face Shop Alpine Herb Hydra Complete Eye Cream. I would definitely want to try the Anosa Eye Creams but also Suki's Intensive Brightening Cream.

Anonymous said...

I'll love to win this!~

Unknown said...

Your reviews are great!
Currently I'm using Mario Badescu Enzyme eye gel.

shumin said...

I have been using Neutrogena Radiance Boost eye cream, it's not too light or heavy (good that it doesn't give me milia sees unlike the other eye product i'm using- essential oil)but does nothing for depuffing. I got terrible eyebags and concealer can only do so much so depuffing is my main concern.vol

Zoe said...

Thanks for the reviews, I use a Taiwanese brand called @ Nature Beauty Easy: Lavender Detox-White Eye Creme C and an American brand called Juice Beauty - Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream, I really like the Taiwanese one but still my favorite eye cream is from FANCL^^.

Tsubomi said...

I'm currently using the Eye Treatment Serum Q10 by Cosmetex Roland. Wanted to try it after reading your blog entry about it as my Beautymaker one was about to run out. Before that, I was using L'Oreal's Skin Genesis eye serum.

Unknown said...

currently using sewame eyecream bought from sasa. would like to try cosmetex roland next because of your wonderful review. ^ ^

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks said...

Awesome giveaway! Please enter me!

I'm currently using Nars eye cream.


Unknown said...

At the moment I am using DHC ete cream, it did not do much so I wont be repurchasing it. I've very good reviews about the La mer eye concentrate but that's why beyond my budget! I will be venturing into Paul and Joe most probably! Some Anosa wont harm however!:-))
Thanks for this giveaway!

Isla said...

I would love to enter!
I actually use the same lotion on my eyes as on the rest of my face--my regular face lotion is very gentle and fragrance-free and so far I have been doing great with it! I'd still love to try this though!
Thank you so much for replying to my email, by the way!

* said...

Hey Kathi! Nice to meet you! I do not own any eye care products! =( But I would love to win your giveaway and give it a try! I am a new follower and have linked you on my side bar here:

Love, fiery!

Unknown said...

I've been using skinfood's honey and royal jelly firming eye cream, but is hasn't worked at all. It does come in a fairly big jar but I guess I don't see much different using it. am also suspecting it to be breaking my skin out just around the eyes. so time to look for a new one. :P

Bijin Blair said...

I'm using L’Occitane's Immortelle Eye Balm and I like it a lot. It absorbs quickly and it feels very lightweight.

DinaXYYan said...

I'm not using any eye cream right now and have been wanting to try Olay as I've heard good reviews about them :D

Ashley said...

I just started using the Origin GinZing eye cream. I was using 40 Carrot's Eye Gel but I can't find that anywhere anymore. It was alright & much more affordable than Origins. ... I expected more & now I'm left wanting the Origin Eye Doctor!

ErynneC said...

For night routine, I use two different types of eye creams, hydrating and anti-aging. I'll only use the hydrating one in the morning. I usually pick up a gel type texture for the hydrating one just so that my eye area doesn't feel too heavy. Currently using Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation eye gel and Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Erasing Filler. I'll love to try Kevin Beautymaker products one day. =)

Wynda said...

Wow, seems like i need to browse Sasa ^.^ Im looking for an eye cream for dark circle actually, do ya have any suggestion? Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

I've been trying out all kinds of eye creams.... but I just can't find the one works for my dark circle sign*
I'm currently using Clinique eyeecream but seems like it just doesn't work for me.

Anyway, thank you for this give away and review!!!
Please enter me~

Piper said...

I am currently on a quest to find the perfect eye cream now that i am nearing thirty. Would like to try these!

nettysgirl at

QC said...

I use Origin's eye mask in the morning when I don't get enough sleep. But it doesn't take away the dark circles, it's cooling tho. =)

amber-* said...

never tried an eye cream before.
i didn't know Anosa is a brand under Shills. i've always thought it's a China brand.

zoe said...

enter me this giveaway please ...

Anonymous said...

I bought about more than a year ago Korres eye cream with Primrose. It's 30 ml and I still can't finish it! It moisturizes quite well, but doesn't get rid od dark circles and fine lines, though. Have no idea what I'll try next.

hoyana said...

I have never used an eye cream ever. But I feel like I should start using one though I'm only turning 16 on April 30 Yehey! Hehe. May I win the eye cream as birthday gift :>.

Well my undereye is quite dark nowadays. I'd like an eyecream that moisturizes and brightens my eye area. I'd like it to be gentle too.

Foxy Frangipani said...

Thanks for having this giveaway :)

I'm currently finishing Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye cream.

Unknown said...

hi, i am currently using skinfood's snow tea eye serum, but it is finishing soon so i m on the lookout for new eye creams to try out. :)

Laura L said...

I'm currently using Garnier eye Roller.... mehh, totally didn't do anything for my dark circles. but it feels light on the skin :)

reggi said...

I'm currently not using any eye cream but I really need to start. My bags are out of control! I would love to use La Mer since I know a few friends that use it and love it but it is a bit out of my price range x_x

Audrey Chuchu said...

I used to use the Dior Hydraction eye cream, but I feel like it may have given me some milia.

Lately, I've been interested in using retinol instead of a specific eye treatment!

Ida said...

I like reading eye cream/serum reviews because I'm always on the search for one that will suit me.

Currently I'm using just Grapeseed Oil on my undereyes. It keeps my undereye area moisturized but doesn't seem to do much else.

tessa said...

Hi Kathi,

Thank you for the give away! The current eye cream that I am using is the eye cream by Botani, an Australian organic brand :)

Thanks again!

PIRATE said...

This is something new to me! (: I'm currently using Olay's eye gel but it's tacky even after some time so I'm not exactly feelin' it. (I'm a follower btw :D)

weiyin ☆ 尉瑩 said...

Thanks for the review Kathi~

I've never use eye cream before, would like to try one anyway. =)

Fiona said...

Hi I'm definitely a follower of your blog for the past few weeks :)

I'd love to try the Q10 eye cream!

A said...

Hi Kathi!

I've never used an eye cream before, but I've been wanting to try one recently. I really want the Skinfood Potiron Au Lait cream, but it's so expensive!! D:

liz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
throuthehaze said...

I am a follower. I don't use any eye care right now but I would love to start using an eye cream

Stylista Fitness said...

I'm a follower

I'm using night cream from superdrug! never know if its working???

Unknown said...

I am using DHC Coenzyme Q10 eye cream now, and I really want to try cathy cat's eye cream which I saw in your blog, but can't find it.

Unknown said...

I am currently desperately in need of eye cream because I ain't using any right now): My dark circles are spreading. I did hear that Kiehl's avocado cream is working for many people.

Unknown said...

hi cathy!

i've been using the biotherm source therapie yeux for a few years now and i absolutely love it! it's got small light reflecting particles and just a few dabs makes my eyes feel much more refreshed and less tired, as well as less puffy!

i think it's also good at reducing wrinkles, and makes a GREAT make up base!!

thanks for hosting this giveaway! :) i love your blog!!

Mikhailah said...

Hi! Awesome blog! I am currently using Skinfood's Salmon Brightening Eye serum. It did brighten up my panda bear eyes. I'm almost about to run out of it. Hoping to try out a new one. The Anosa Q10, maybe? ;P

Maho Lucil said...

I always advice my friends to use organic eye creams since they don't have harsh ingredients that could irritate our delicate skins. Anosa Q10 Eye Cream contains natural ingredients that effectively treats eye bags and dark spots.

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