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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My first order from

While googling for Japanese bath soaks I found this interesting website selling really nice looking Japanese bath salts/powders (and tons of other cool bodycare, haircare etc..definitely worth checking out!) and to my delight they offered international shipping =O
What I especially liked was that the bath salts containers were really huge thus would be enough for many baths and very worthwhile to invest in.

If you are in the USA you are really lucky as TrueRenu is based in the USA so you will enjoy free shipping for your order over US$75 or low shipping rates if the order value is below that! I paid quite a bit for shipping as I ordered heavy items but I think it was very worthwhile as the items I got are really nice!

I got four 690g containers (each good for over 30 baths!), a bath milk (really nice stuff, also suitable for kids and babies), and some other bath salts which I have to sniff yet (the one in the white container smells divine). I paid less than US$100 for the haul (plus shipping) which is really worthwhile for a total of over 150 baths!
I placed my order and the package shipped the next day and got delivered quickly (about a week as I chose the speedier shipping option). I also received samples and English instructions for my new goodies!

Seems the onsen (and other) spa bath soaks are extremely popular in Japan and available from a wide variety of brands (even Daiso makes their own versions!). All have in common that they smell really nice, usually fresh and herbal, some might have a floral or fruity note.
I think since I am such a fan of Kracie´s Tabinoyado salts it was time to branch out =)

Here are closeup pics. I might review the goodies individually later on =)


Ang. said...

I have been shopping with TrueRenu for a few years now - they have great customer service and I love their selection of bath salts. Their prices on Komenuka Bijin are a little high, so I've started using ebay for those items. TrueRenu also has a points reward system that gives credit towards future purchases!

Ami said...

Nice haul! I'm jealous! Hahaha, how often do you take baths? I love baths but unfortunately I just haven't had much time lately to indulge. I saw your review on the Habanero bath salts from Sasa and I've been itching to place an order for some... ^^

P.S. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kathi! :) I ordered from TruRenu too in the past and I liked their service, they have a lot of bath & body stuff in their inventory and their little extras are so cute :) I hope you like the things you got!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Kathi, anytime I try to tone down my shopping addiction you come up with such must have items, and now this link...! Something I have to check out again...

Kathi said...

Haha, birkie, sorry! I should reduce my wild shopping at some point, too, but everything is irresistible!

TrueRenu said...

TrueRenu says, Hi Lotus Palace, we are thrilled to find your blog, and to read in detail about your shopping experience with us. So glad you like us and yes, we ship to most countries as well as the U.S. - stay gorgeous!
Love, Linda at TrueRenu

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