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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adambeauty haul incl. Baby Foot Easy Pack

Despite going to Hong Kong in a few weeks I wanted to pick up a few goodies from Adambeauty before my trip, especially a Baby Foot Easy Pack as I wanted pretty feet before I go there (and since I can´t just order 1 thing I picked up a few other goodies as well) =P
Actually I didn´t try any of those foot peeling packs as the pics you see of feet during the process are downright disgusting! But the overall reviews online seem very good so I thought I will bear with the yuckiness for the sake of pink baby-soft feet.
If you are interested in what´s Baby Foot Easy Pack please click here! There are numerous other brands but I wanted to try the original product from Japan =)

Anyway, I used the Baby Foot Easy Pack the day before yesterday at night but so far there is nothing strange going on. The peeling process is supposed to start 2-5 days after application so I am curious how soon I will have to hide my feet with socks lol. To be honest my feet are in quite a good shape but there is some hard skin and slight sallow discoloration in certain areas so I hope to see good results soon!

A proper review will be posted in 2-3 weeks, whenever the process is finished (if it starts at all haha)

Oh and got this cute card pocket as a freebie from Yozocraft a while ago. Just think the Chinglish text is way cute hehe


Elisa ♥ said...

wauw ^^ you really have lots of products haha =D wondering how much you have at home.. <3 nice haul ^^

Lucy said...

Oh boy, those pictures of those feet..
my mum has a lot of problems with cracked heels, i think it's genetic, all women in my family have it, and it's starting to show on me. Kind of want to grab us all a pack of that feet mask just to see it XD Please tell me if it works as well!!

~Lisa said...

Ooh! I heard about those baby feet things! The pics are gross but the results seem to be amazing!

Lora said...

Ooh can't wait for your update on the Baby Foot Easy Pack! I eye product every time I make a trip to the market. :)

Sweet haul!

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