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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in #1 Deep Black

Jumping on the Japanese bubble hair dye bandwagon Etude House released their own version offering 4 colors of foaming hair dye. I picked up the red and black ones but won´t be using the red one any time soon.
Currently I love my hair darker, if possible a deep ashy black so the Bubble Hair Coloring in #1 Deep Black looked right up my alley.

Here are the contents of the kit:
You get a bottle, a bigger sachet with the 2nd agent you have to pour inside the bottle, hair treatment (I believe it´s a leave-in type but haven´t tried it), instructions, gloves and cape.
This hair color contains "Micro Bubble Booster" which helps in creating a very dense and fluffy lather and in my honest opinion that´s quite true, this is one of the finest bubble hair dyes I have tried so far, giving me the feeling that the texture of the Prettia dyes is a bit outdated.
This is used like most other hair dyes: mix the 2 agents in the bottle, don´t shake, only gently tilt the bottle a few times, put on the gloves and cape, apply bubble dye to dry hair evenly coating all your hair, leave on for around 30 mins, rinse color, wash with shampoo and conditioner/treatment and dry.

To me the dye feels quite mild, there is no overly pungent smell and my hair feels quite soft and nice after dyeing and washing. Staying power is quite good, I re-dyed my hair with the same color about 5 weeks after the first as my roots started to show.
Overall a good hair dye though honestly there isn´t much a company could do wrong about black hair color! Love the super fine foam and ease of application as there is absolutely no dripping or mess during application.
I got this on Gmarket for around US$7 from etudegmark.
Overall this gets a 
Rating of 5/5 for the #1 Deep Black color


kaizokumousy said...

gosh your hair is super shiny!this hair color is so nice *o* I want to try it too <3

Hair Coloring said...


These are so nice bubble hair colorings. Hair coloring is the quickest and easiest way to obtain a whole new look. Thanks a lot for this new post.

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