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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holika Holika Face2Change Eye Palette in 01 & 02 and Enamel Magic Melomovie Mascara Special Set

Time for the first Holika Holika reviews, don´t you think? =D So far the eye products and blush seem great, the lippies are between good and ok and I didn´t quite make up up my mind about the BB Creams yet...
Anyway, the Eye Palettes definitely were on my must-buy list and I got both even though the colors in palette 01 looked brighter than my usual colors...but that´s why I actually wanted it! Come spring and summer I usually like to get a little brighter and even consider wearing soft corals or apricot =D

The Eye Palettes come in the Face2Change collection packaging...not my favorite among the Holika Holika products as there is something 80ies-ish going on. Anyway, packaging aside the eyeshadows are actually quite lovely!
The colors have a smooth slightly powdery texture with good pigment. All colors show up. The finish depends on the color, most are between pearl and metallic but there are also a few shimmery ones with some micro-glitter, too.

The shadows last very well on me with no creasing or fading in the cool weather here. Need to test them in summer (or Hong Kong) to be able to say more!
01 is a brighter palette featuring gold, silver, apricot, aqua, purple and charcoal.

02 is the muted palette and contains a rusty brown (totally out of place in that palette in my opinion!), glittery pale pink, dusty light purple, metallic deep gray, metallic light silver-gray with olive tones and deep muddy olive. Especially the finish of the 2nd color from right is like molten metal. Really love this!

Overall 2 great palettes worth their price-tag of 17000 Won/each (about US$16). Bought from seller 홀리카홀리카.

On my EOTDs I am wearing colors from both palettes and the mascara I will review below. On pic 1 mainly from the 01 color, on the 2nd more from palette 02.

Rating 4/5

The Enamel Magic Melomovie Mascara came in a special kit with a small bottle of eye makeup remover. I didn´t try the remover because I will use it on my Hong Kong trip but I tried the mascara a couple of times so I can give a first verdict.

The hot pink tube is really cute and reminds me a lot of Majolica Majorca´s mascaras. The brush has an awkward shape and is quite bushy so when using it on the back of the lashes it´s a little hard to reach the roots. Otherwise the brush works nicely in separating and coating the lashes.

The mascara is actually pretty amazing and I totally didn´t expect that! It gives a nice dose of volume and length and keeps the curl most of the day. It does flake a little but not to a bothersome extent. It´s waterproof but removes easily with a bit of 2-phase eyemakeup remover.
Costs 13000 Won on Gmarket

Rating 4/5

Overall my experience with the eye makeup products so far is good. Other reviews will follow over the next days/weeks =)


Mona said...

the shadows swatched beautifully! This got me itching to get on gmarket again haha

kab said...

The eyeshadows are pretty... Thanks for sharing...

In Palace said...

love the packagin!

In Palace ♥

Anonymous said...

You are such an enabler, kathi!
I fell in love with a lot of the promos for the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly range (have you seen the glossy effect of the blushers?) and decided that for once, instead of ebay, I'll finally buy from gmarket. It took about 2 hours but I registered, shopped from cosmetics to hair accessories and clothes and finally made my first purchase! Whee!

Hong Kong sounds great! xox

Elisa ♥ said...

whoaaaa the colors of the eyeshadows are really L-O-V-E !

Michelle said...

Wow! The eyeshadows looks great! I have only tried their skincare (cream to foam cleanser, apple soda scrub and egg soap) and Face2Change BB cream palette and pressed powder and the Aqua Petit jelly BB cream and blush. Overall I am very happy with my Holika products.

Unknown said...

ahhh I'm dying to buy more Holika Holika stuff~ They're starting to get a lot of attention online you're so not helping me resist temptation xD The swatches are gorgeous --

hanidee said...

Wow, those shadows look really pigmented! The mascara also looks amazing on your lashes. Thank you so much for this review, definitely going to check Holika out now<3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Very pretty! *^_^* The packaging and swatches are lovely looking.

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