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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gmarket haul: Holika Holika (& some stationery)

Holika Holika is a relatively new brand by Enprani (or whoever makes Enprani cosmetics) and to be honest some products look like a blatant knock-off of Majolica Majorca:P
Anyway, I was so curious about this brand so I ordered quite a big bunch of goodies from Gmarket, seller 홀리카홀리카. I also got some stickers and stamps but forgot to take close-up pics =X
Reviews will follow of course! 


efe said...

i totally envy you.

looking forward for somew revies :)

sugar sugar said...

so many goodies! <3 i haven't tried holika holika but have heard good reviews about their brand on youtube. i'll be looking forward to your reviews on your purchases. ^__^

MaquiLab said...

Can't wait to read your reviews!

Miss Elainnio said...

I am looking forward to your Holika Holika review! ^^
Singapore will be having the first Holika Holika store this month!

BV said...

That looks like fun! I can't wait to see how these turn out for you...

tiffyama said...

Wahh, everything looks awesome!! I can't wait to read your reviews on them. :]

Unknown said...

Wow, big box of goodies!

hanidee said...

I've been really curious about this line. Especially because C.N Blue endorses the brand, lol. The packaging looks lovely and I can't wait for your reviews!

Anonymous said...

Looks exciting! Lucky you=)
Your reviews on Asian skincares are my favorite.
If I may ask, could you do a post on how to order from Gmarket please?

~Lisa said...

Ooh! The box full of makeup made me feel so excited! LOL
Can't wait to see your reviews.

Valerie said...

I have that cat blush and it's quite nice, although I've noticed all their products are high in shimmer and low in pigmentation.

Kawaiiberri92 said...

wahh im so jealous can't wait for reviews >u<

galleryibu said...

can't wait for you to review them all.. do you have petit jelly lip tint? i think i saw it there.. please review soon... lol

Unknown said...

Yeah...It makes me sad to see blatant knock offs designs :( But I do love the Holika aqua muse lipsticks! I'm curious to know what you think of them so I cant wait for your review :)

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