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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Liberta Baby Foot Easy Pack

Sorry for not posting a whole week but I went to Egypt and just came back yesterday night and I only took my ipad, not my laptop on my trip so I couldn´t blog.
As I said earlier I used the Baby Foot Easy Pack a short while ago and wanted to report on the final result.

The Baby Foot Easy Pack is a pair of plastic socks filled with a mild chemical peeling to remove all dead skin from your feet within 1-2 weeks to give you "baby-soft" soles. Just cut open, soak your clean freshly washed feet 2 hours in the lotion (your feet have to be on the floor or just slightly raised or the liquid will spill!) and then wash the liquid off.

Application was really easy though pretty much sitting still respectively just walking around carefully and slowly for 2 hours was a bit boring.

My feet looked and felt totally normal for 2 days and then the peeling process started. The skin on my feet peeled completely in just 3 days and I accelerated the peeling process with 2 daily foot soaks so I could gently wipe off the dead skin with my palms from my wet feet. I wore socks all the time even for sleeping as otherwise there would be dead skin flakes everywhere.
During the complete process there was no itchiness, pain or burning sensation involved and actually pulling that dry skin off was sort of fun hehe =P

The result is quite good, the skin on my feet is now very even and a bit softer however the thicker skin on certain parts of my feet didn´t get "baby-soft" but I will reapply the Easy Pack after picking more packets up in Hong Kong to improve this result.

Overall even though it´s a bit disgusting it was a fun and worthwhile thing to do and I will definitely use the Easy Pack again!

Check out the website here...if you like to feel disgusted check out the peeling contest pics =P But I recommend to not eat during that.... 
I got mine from for US$23 shipped (add US$2 for registered mail per order). There are numerous similar products out there like Beauty Foot but don´t know how they´d compare.

Rating 4.5/5


~Lisa said...

Haha, I must admit that peeling is fun. I used to put Elmer's glue on my hands and then peel it off when it's dried.

I'd love to get these for my dad to try. He has such dry and rough feet!

Wakako said...

OMG I saw the pictures on their website... it's kinda gross but I'm sure it feels great after getting rid of all the
After reading your review, I will definitely try this!!

Lucy said...

I want to see the gross peeling pics from you! Lolol
I get really bad dry feet, all women do in my family. Might try these out!
thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I've just ordered this from ebay because I am so intrigued, and my feet could really do with the treatment before I get them out for the summer!

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