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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara in 01

I have to admit that the Long & Curl Mascara from Kiss Me Heroine Make has become my favorite and daily staple as it´s just the best mascara that is available right now and it´s at least as good as my previous HG from Majolica Majorca which has been discontinued anyway.
It was granted that I had to get their newest mascara, the Impact Frame & Curl Mascara which was added to the Heroine Make range very recently.

Seems Kiss Me got a cheap deal on black plastic and copperish golden ink as the new mascara and also the Milky Color Lips products from the Heavy Rotation line now come in those colors. I personally liked the burgundy tubes much better but well, it still looks nice.

The brush is quite interesting, it´s a hard ribbed plastic coil on one side and a regular mascara brush on the other. One should first coat the lashes with the coil-part and then use the brush for definition etc. 
This really works well as the hard part can deposit a lot of mascara on the lashes and the brush is perfect for spreading the liquid, separating and defining the lashes. I only use the coil in the beginning for the first coat and then only use the brush for the additional coats as otherwise the lashes could probably get too wet or clumpy.

This mascara can hold the curl perfectly which astonished me a bit as the mascara has a slightly wet formula and it seems to contain fibers.
Just like the other Kiss Me mascaras this is hands-down an excellent product, gives perfectly long and lush lashes, especially when used in 2-3 coats.

Removal is a bit hard, you definitely need a remover for waterproof makeup but this also means the mascara doesn´t smudge during the day at all.
The only little flaw I can detect in this mascara is its tendency to flake a little. I usually notice about 3-4 small black crumbles on my cheeks during the day.

Overall a great mascara and affordable, too! I got mine from Alphabeautyuk who also kindly included a cute mechanical pencil but you can also buy this on for a really good price.
It´s honestly so hard for me to compare this with the regular Long & Curl Mascara...both mascaras give long lush lashes and keep the curl. The new version is a bit deeper in color whereas I never experience flaking with the regular version. So all in all both are equally good for me.

Before: Please note that my lashes are naturally quite long and dense but quite light and uncurled in their natural state thus they look almost non-existent on the pic below =)

1 coat:

2-3 coats used with another EOTD:

Rating 5/5


Jo said...

This mascara looks amazing...I'm putting it on my to-buy list

herroyalbleakness said...

Pretty! luv how it doesn't turn the lashes into roach legs. :)

Fifi said...

@herroyalbleakness hahaha roach legs...looks amazing...deff going on my wishlist ;P xx

Anna said...

looks amazing!

Wakako said...

OMG i gotta get this mascara!! >_< nice review!

~Lisa said...

It looks and sounds amazing!! I haven't tried any mascara from Kiss Me Heroine and I think I should!

l y n said...

Nice review... I wonder if they have it locally (in Malaysia) now. Which reminds me, I need to start using the Kiss Me volume mascara I purchased a year ago.

pauline said...

looks great !!
even with 1 coat, the result is impressive.

can I ask you what eyelash curler you use?

BV said...

I'm defn getting this if they have it on sasa... I love how beautiful your EOTD looks with this on!

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