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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rohto Hada-Labo BB Moist Emulsion SPF50+ PA+++ in Light Beige & couple of small hauls

I didn´t order much this month as I am on some sort of low-buy (as I am pretty surely going to Hong Kong early May) but I need my weekly package of happiness so I got couple of small hauls from Adambeauty and Alphabeautyuk/japan_value (both run by the same seller thus shipping could be combined).
The Adambeauty haul contains 2 of my favorites to have back-ups (the MJ and Kiss Me liners) and some other things to try out and the other haul from the eBay seller actually contains only 2 beauty products, band-aids, matcha latte and a really nice contact lens solution & case.

Among my Adambeauty haul was this new Japanese BB Moist Emulsion from Hada-Labo in the lighter color (Light Beige). I actually wanted the cream but it had sold out so I got the emulsion instead.

The 40ml bottle is quite plain and un-cute but practical. The BB Moist Emulsion is like a slightly runny face milk with a pleasant smooth texture and a very good blending ability. My skin feels very soft and moisturized when using this and the sun protection of SPF50+ PA+++ is definitely good.

However my usual problems occurs: the BB Moist Emulsion is way too dark and yellow for me so unfortunately I can not wear it.
I didn´t wear it for more than 2 minutes so I can´t tell you how it performs regarding oil-control, oxidisation etc. etc. 

So this gets a nay from me solely due to the color. 
I would normally rate this a 4/5 but now I have to give it a 
Rating of 1/5.


Ashley said...

I must try HadaLabo BB Moist Emulsion. I doubt the colors available will match me but still, it's HadaLabo and I love their skincare products!

kaizokumousy said...

very attractive packaging and those bihada ichizoku products are my faves!:)

Anonymous said...

pls do a review on the milky lipstick.. i've been searching blog to blog on how it's texture and color is.

ooh.. the urges to buy from adam.

Elisa ♥ said...

Still haven't tried hada labo stuff, i heard so many good stuff about it =/

Cutie Fishball said...

Does the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara has a new packaging or is it in a new product? Is it the lengthening kind or volumizing kind?

So you are going to HK in may? I can see Kathi hauling a whole baggage full of goodies back!!!

Candice said...

I am really interested in the liners u mentioned as ur favorites. Can u comment on how they are better than other liners youve tried (like pigmentation or staying power etc). Are they liquid and if so - pen or brush liners? and are they skinny enough to tightline and do winged looks? sorry for so many questions, im just in search of a great liner and have had such trouble with american brands:(

Anonymous said...

I never knew HadaLabo had BB cream. This item I will definitely try. The colour looks like it would match me. I am deeply in love with Hada Labo skincare!

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