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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sana Pore Putty Keana Pate Shokunin BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!

And another Japanese brand released a BB Cream! Seems the craze has not calmed down yet!

The Pore Putty from Sana Noevir line is quite popular and has quite a variety of bases, powders and concealers to choose from so it was just a matter of time they´d release a BB Cream!

I like the squeeze tube which looks quite pretty in my opinion. 30g retail for 1260 Yen in Japan but I got mine from Alphabeautyuk on eBay. Adambeauty is listing this, too, I believe.
As with many Japanese BB creams the texture is incredibly smooth with a slightly siliconey feel but not as heavy or suffocating as many of the Korean brands. And best of all it´s not scented!
My skin feels really smooth and soft and not dry when wearing this however having a very fair pink-toned skin-tone the color is not a good match for me as it´s darker and more yellow than I can wear. The coverage is decent but as the color doesn´t fit I can´t wear this.

Overall this could be such a nice product but the color match is a total no-go for myself. Ladies with a slightly tanner complexion will probably enjoy this product a lot though! And it seems to be very popular in Japan!

Rating would be 4/5 but since I can´t wear it I have to give it a 1/5


Beige Renegade said...

Japan is releasing BB creams?! That's one of the best things about Japan, they're so aware of cosumer demand :)

Cutie Fishball said...

oh I think this is my color! Haha, Kathi, you need to send me all the BB creams that appear dark on you. I will gladly take it!

Lucy said...

Would you like to sell this BB cream? The spf is amazing, I'd love to buy it if i could. I'll send you an email.

Jyuri said...

I have the Sana Moist Pore putty stuff and it is also about the same colour as your swatch, very yellow...

Unknown said...

i constantly drop by your blog because you always have the latest on asian make up. Sana is known for their pore erasing concealer, so this BB cream is good, i tried on by Kiss me Heroine Make b4 and it is also really good

Btw im holding a giveaway at may 3rd, but b4 that i need your help with one simple Question answer it and you'll get an extra entry to my giveaway (and follow me of course), there are alot of great prizes, hope you can help me out here ^_^


Kai said...

do you think this would work for an nc20-25 (leaning more 25)?

Cutie Fishball said...

any chance you will sell this BB cream?

Dahlia Hayashi said...

hey hun,
i life in japan and i have the same problem colorwise with bb creams. i am pale and pinkish. however if your get your hands on this one it. its bb cream from visee and its nicely greyish pinkish. i am trying it out at the moment. contact me if you have any questions :)


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