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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips in 03 Sweet PInk

Currently matte pale lips are a trend among some Japanese brands, especially the inexpensive ones targeted towards young girls. Even though my lips are always in a good condition I find it difficult to pull that look off but sometimes I like it with a very deeply defined eye makeup.
Kiss Me added a range of matte pale lippies to their Heavy Rotation line recently and I picked up the one that looked like most wearable aka pink color for me.

The Milky Color Lips come in quite plain packaging, black plastic with a golden print. Quite boring but for US$11 (price on Adambeauty) one can´t expect very elaborate packaging, right?

The lipstick has a slick texture but dries down quickly to a satiny matte slightly powdery feel. It´s comfortable to wear on top of a lipbalm but alone it feels too dry for me. Like the other pale matte lippies you should let it set as it might look uneven and blotchy upon application but will look fine after a couple of minutes.
The Milky Color Lips carries a distinctive strawberry scent but is not flavored.

03 is a light milky pink...for some weird reason looks more peachy in the tube but light pink when applied.

Overall this is a good matte lipstick for an affordable price so it´s a nice choice to have in your stash or if you like a good deal anyway =) Still the matte pale lips isn´t my kind of thing for daily life as I just prefer regular glossy Japanese lipsticks in natural colors!

Rating 4/5


Melly said...

Oh, such a pretty color :)

Melly said...

Oh, such a pretty color :)

kaizokumousy said...

I <3 that lipstick color ^^

Catherine said...

I also recently bought one of these. Was very wary of it because I could not find any reviews of it, so I'm grateful for your review. I agree these are a bit drying, but the colors are really nice. I also love the smell! I have 2- vanilla pink and am thinking of buying the others. ^^

Anonymous said...

it looks so pigmented on ur lips but not so on your wrist, did u apply on bare lips or with foundation underneath?

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