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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Honoré des Prés We Love NY Vamp à NY and Love Coconut eaux de parfum

I recently got couple of samples from Honoré des Prés and while I don´t usually review samples for several reasons I thought I will do a short review nonetheless as those are perfumes anyway and I usually don´t need much time to decide if I like a perfume or not. I either like it or will get a strong headache...that´s so with me =P
I got samples of the Vamp à NY and Love Coconut perfumes. 80% of the perfumes are derived from organic the ingreds list shows the alcohol only to be from organic farming so means 80% of the perfume are alcohol hehe =P And 100% are of natural origin..whatever that means ;)
The coffee cup packaging is a nice idea and probably has something NY-ish about it.

Anyway, I am not good at describing scents. The Vamp à NY is a strong floral and woody spicy scent with great lasting power. Since I am sensitive to scents it´s a bit too much for me but it´s a good and clean perfume many ladies would probably like.

The Love Coconut is not my kind of thing, I just don´t like coconut scents and this is not an exception. At first it smells a bit woody but after some time it pretty much smells like coconut to me.

Overall a nice range but I personally would not buy either of the perfumes for myself. So probably it´s good I only got samples as I wouldn´t know what to do with full-sized bottles anyway =P


birkinbagbeauty said...

Hey, I tried all three of them, even that I ♥ Carotte one, and they were too herbally for me. They look cute though, as a perfume, in their coffee cups.

Lucile said...

Happy to see that you have well received the Cup of samples !
Maybe you will prefer the Purs Extract of Nature :) More fresh, personal, so Pure ! If you have sometimes headaches with perfumes, you may prefer lighter perfumes I guess.

The NY Collection is a range of "Eau de Parfum" so, of course, stronger than "Eau de toilette", Vamp à NY has a great long lasting, that is amazing for an organic fragrance.

Alcohol is part of perfume you know, without alcohol (organic in Honoré des Prés) it won't be a perfume !
Our fragrances are 100% natural, and a part of the natural ingredient are from organic farming, but not only alcohol :)
And for the first time in the world, a famous french artist made organic perfume, Olivia Giacobetti was the first one to take that challenge ! We truly believe a new perfumery is born... we hope !
All the Best,

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