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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going to Hong Kong! =D

Yay, finally my trip to Hong Kong is confirmed! I am going there from May 4th (well, leaving here on 3rd) and will hop on a plane back home on 12th early morning.
I am really excited as my last cool trip (that excludes my yearly boring Egypt stay) was the one to Japan 5 years ago!
Besides Egypt trip... I have to go there in April (19th-25th) for a week. I am SO not interested and annoyed to no end about this stupid trip but it´s some super boring family event I HAVE to attend. You know how funny it is to travel with 3 kids.... *sigh* 

Any tips or hints regarding Hong Kong are highly welcome! If anyone wants to meet up in a mall or something I might be open to it!

I am thinking of wearing a shirt with a Lotus Palace logo to see if anyone recognizes it haha!



Elisa ♥ said...

niceee, have fun!!!

Karisa ♥ said...

I love Hong Kong! There's a SaSa on practically every corner in Mongkok hehe ♥ There's also Bonjour, which is something like SaSa (: And there's Jill Stuart ♥ And food in HK is reallly good; dimsum cafes, desserts and iced milk tea ♥

Have lots of fun! ♥

Haru said...

Yay, that's great! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun and do shop up a storm! *HUGS*

Barbie @ eSter said...

i'm going on 26 may =D ~ share what do you grab frm HK ~

Edwina said...

Have funn!!! I miss Hong Kong so much :D I miss SaSa and Laneige!!! @_@

Anonymous said...

I wish I can go back to HK when you go so I can meet you in person, and shop together!!!! Unfortunately that is rather impossible :(

Sasa, bonjour, Sogo, Jusco, Causeway bay, Kwai Fong are your friends :)

faye lu said...

you'll love it. i fell in love with SASA .. it's a beauty mecca! sample sizes of asian cosmetics and high end brands like chanel .. best of all .. it's EVERYWHERE!!
the big buddah was the highlight tourist attraction. have fun =)

plue said...

i'll be going there from 28 april till 2nd may :)

still cracking my head on what's good to buy there!

have fun darling!

. said...

Yay!!! Have fun!!! n_n

Elly said...

I'm going to Hong Kong from 1 - 6 May - YIPPEE shopping spree!!! Cosmetics, skincare, fashion galore

Unfortunately I'm travelling with friends and family but if I weren't I would LOVE to meet you Kat, as I've been following your blog for over 1 and half years.

Thanks everyone for posting your shopping tips, I'm going to hit up as many of those places as I can (provided my bf and posse aren't sick of shopping by then)!

In terms of young women's fashion (I'm 24) what stores do you ladies recommend I pay a visit to? In Japan I was in love with H&M (yes, Australia doesn't have it), Zara, Forever21, Topshop, etc....

Thanks for your help! <3

Michelle said...

yo welcome to Hong Kong!! I am living in Hong Kong, if you have any questions concerning your trip, feel free to ask and I can help you to plan in advance~~

Fiona Star said...

I'll be in Hongkong from 7 May! Wearing a Lotus Palace tee would be cool - I'll see if I can spot you! ;)

Light Love said...

OMG! Lucky girl! Have a fantastic trip and bring back lots to post about!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Go to Langham place mall in mongkok! It's an awesome modern mall with a wonderful cosmetics section. :)

Charlotte said...

Hi! It is nice to hear that you are coming to Hong Kong. I am a Hongkonger and I have some suggestions. In Hong Kong, Summer is humid. The humidity is around 85%. It is better to bring an umbrella along when you are out. And you may want to choose skincare which gives you light moisture. I don't even use a moisturizer when in Summer. I also recommend you to go to Mongkok. It is an interesting place. There are many shops selling milk tea which worth a try. The cosmectic in Hong Kong is actually a little bit more expensive than in Taiwan but are still so much cheaper than buying online. I personally don't like to shop in Bourjois because some of their products don't have an expire date on them. Besides Sasa, Bourjois, Mannings and Watsons, there is a drugstore called Log-on. It is less common but has more choices in Janpenese cosmectic and the Japenese cosmectic there are usally the latest. I am sure that there is one in Langham place mall. I hope you will have a nice trip!

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