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Friday, April 15, 2011

Holika Holika Peach Cream BB Cream SPF37 PA++

The Peach Girl BB Cream was the other BB Cream I purchased from Holika Holika a short while ago.

This is actually a very nifty product as the BB cream also contains a universally flattering peachy shade of cheek/lip cream and a mirror housed in the cover of the tube!
The peach colored tube is quite cute but the sticker might come off if you handle it roughly.
This BB cream comes in 2 colors so I chose the lighter one. I suppose the cheek cream should be the same shade but since I don´t have #2 I can´t compare them.

The texture is like the typical silicone-y BB cream texture but like the other Holika Holika BB cream I reviewed recently it dries down to a nice lightweight and smooth finish so it doesnt feel heavy or makes me sweaty.
My skin gets very soft and doesn´t feel dry at all so I am not sure about the oil control this provides.

Color #1 is a light peachy beige which blends into my skin perfectly and evens it out nicely. Coverage is about medium so it´s a bit less than the other Holika Holika BB cream but it´s still enough to cover up all my little skin woes. I prefer to only top this with an ultra-light dusting of loose powder or no powder at all as otherwise the BB cream can get cakey and the nice dewy glow disappears that way, too! 
Lasting power is decent, about 4-5 hours before reapplication is necessary or a bit longer when wearing a bit powder.

The cheek/lip cream is a pretty shade of a pink grapefruit/peach color. It´s quite pigmented and looks really gorgeous as a blush! It blends very well so it looks quite natural. When wearing both I get a real peaches-and-cream complexion so I really love it!
For me personally it´s too dry as a lip color and on my lips it looks somehow matte and weird unless I top it with gloss.

This product is lightly scented and didn´t cause and irritations on my skin at all.
Removes easily with cleansing oil and foaming cleanser but I recommend not skipping the cleansing oil/milk/cream step as otherwise the cleansing result might not be sufficient. 

Overall a really nice product and very handy for a quick mini makeup in the morning!

So far Holika Holika has really wowed me with most of their products however the lipsticks are so-so and I´ll review them soon!

Rating 4.5/5


Unknown said...

ooo I was JUST debating whether I should try this because my current bbcream is almost finished! How do you think this would work for someone who's skin perfectly matches Skinfood Mushroom Shade 1? How's the oxidation? Thanks so much for reviewing this :D!

Riya~ said...

It looks so pretty and I love love the peach color. Can you please let me know where you purchased it since I didn't see you post where your purchase it from. Thank you for this post, I really want it now! =)

MaquiLab said...

Looks really lovely, and the blush is such a yummy colour :)

galleryibu said...

thank you for the review.. i have been waiting for this review,, and will wait for another holika2 review :)
i am your new follower!! :)

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