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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Banila Co It Fresh Cleansing Balm

I've had this big jar of the It Fresh Cleansing Balm sitting around in my bathroom for the longest time now and used it from time to time (that already gives you a hint how much I like it lol) so it's about time to write about it (to tick it off my to-teview list)

You get a mighty glass jar (very heavy and dangerous in the bathroom if you ask me) filled with 110g of light yellow gunk (the texture is like an extra thick petrolium jelly).

The Cleansing Balm has a very strong sweet lemon scent which reminds me of that children's vitamin syrup that tastes oh so yummy! (It's called Sanostol here, no idea where in the world you can get this).

When you apply a dab of this stuff to your (dry) face and massage gently you feel that it warms up a little. Banila Co suggests massaging for 20 seconds and then wash it off (I rinse it like cleansing oil: First massaging with wet my hands to break down the stuff and then rinse it off with warm water).
Well, *most* of it washes off but the rest stays on like a sticky layer of gunk.
Even if I follow with a foaming cleanser I still feel the Cleansing Balm sitting on my skin. This also means my skin is *not* clean after using this, when I follow with toner I still find some dirt on my cotton pad.

This retails for 22000 Won which is quite pricey (about US$16 or so?). I don't recommend this item.

If you think I am using this item the wrong way, just leave a comment to let me know how this could be used properly =P This item has a good rating on Banila Co's website so I wonder if I am doing something wrong!

As you know from my other reviews Banila Co rarely lets me down so I'll forgive them this time around =P
I got this from Gmarket.


Soapaholic said...

That's too bad.. I like the packaging, LOL.:P

Yumeko said...

i never tried this before but i tried a cleasing balm from lush and the results sound similar [gunky on my face like gel]

banila co is usually good ! i totally agree

fuzkittie said...

Yick... hate that feeling!

♔ AHCINNS ♔ said...

That sucks, waste of money but you never know until you try it right? Maybe it's not a product for everyone :x

Sofie said...

Yuck! I hate that feeling! Too bad for you eh D:
But thanks for the review!

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