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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dariya Make-on Gel & Lip Treatment & Giveaway!

If you are checking Sasa or eBay frequently maybe you noticed those cute new mint/red products from Dariya? I certainly did and the uncommon color combo really looked oustanding in the sea of white and pink Japanese skincare so I picked up several products from this new line from Dariya.

I believe the line consists of 4 products so far, a mist, a makeup base gel, a lip balm and a hand & body emulsion. At least that´s the bunch I have seen so far.
As I mentioned above I really love the unusual combination of red and mint used for the packaging and the overall design is cute with a lace motif etc.

The Make-On Gel is a makeup base and for touching up makeup when it starts to look blotchy or uneven.

I only use it as a makeup base though and I really like it. It´s a smooth gel which moisturized but also dries down quickly so you don´t have to wait for the base to settle. I am sure it contains dimethicone as it has a slippery feel to it but it neither gives me pimples nor does it make my foundation pill so overall I really like this as a base.

This is not colored but is scented with a weird floral scent. Thank God it´s only a faint scent or I would really dislike it!

The 30g jar retails for 840 Yen, I got mine from Sasa for a bit below that.

The Lip Treatment contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and and Vitamin E and is supposed to give your lips a more voluminous and glossy look, act as a treatment and as a lipstick base.

This is a slick clear product giving a glossy finish and making my lips soft instantly. It wears off rather quickly though so has to be reapplied frequently but still my lips stay soft even after the Lip Treatment is gone.

The drawback for me is the floral scent which really is yucky. It´s not so strong to make it unbearable but strong enough to irritate me.
Overall a good product and with good effect on my lips but not my favorite lip balm.

Available on Sasa for around US$6, I got 1 tube from Alphabeautyuk though.

Rating for the gel: 4/5
Lip Treatment: 3.5/5

Since Valentine´s day is approaching (well, the giveaway is too late for it haha) I am giving away one brand new and boxed tube of the Lip Treatment which I ordered on Sasa to one of my readers commenting on this review. There is also a small memo pad from San-X´s cute new character Sentimental Circus and a pack of stickers included =) 

I would like to read the winner´s feedback on this item either by email, comment on this post or on her blog if she has one after trying this product out =) 

Da rulez (trying to be cool yay) 
-Only open to followers (so please make sure you follow me on blogger, not only via RSS)! Make sure that by your nickname or name I can clearly identify you! 
-Open worldwide!
-Please leave a comment to this post (telling me anything you like). Only 1 comment per person can be accepted.
-Giveaway open until Monday, 14th February 2011, 8 PM (my time, GMT +1)
-Winner will be randomly chosen by and announced here by Tuesday, 15th of February 2011. So you only have 4 days to enter! 

Please make sure to email me to claim your prize within 3 days after winner is announced or new winner will be drawn. Or leave your email address in your comment entry so I can contact you!
-I will ship via airmail


Anonymous said...

That's about the cutest lip balm packaging I've seen. :D

So, entering the giveaway!

25FLNDN said...

I'm very curious about what Hyaluronic Acid does in skincare. I've seen a lot of products that contain it, & I've heard it's great for your skin, but I just don't know what it does!

I think I might order the Sana cream & find out.

Cutie Fishball said...

Enter meeee!!!

I hope this time I will get some luck... but I am never lucky with lucky draws...

I think San-X's new character Sentimental Circus like like a hybrid between Sanrio's Sugar bunnies and Melody, don't you think so? And you are introducing this new bunny character becoz it's the Year of the Rabbit, isn't it??

I love rabbits tho! are you getting most of your cute japanese stationary online?

Cutie Fishball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
juicy, said...

enter me!

that's a really adorable packaging!

Fifi said...

Enter me =)
Ayari/FiFi following via GFC

I love your blog, its jam packed with really cute and pretty make ups =) I wish they were avaiable over here in the uk and suited my skin colour hahaha knowing me i'd probably buy the make up because of the pretty packaging. anyway keep on living vicariously through you =D xx

Unknown said...

Enter me please! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway!! I read all your post!! but I don't comment cause my english is so poor and I can't understand all that you write.. haha

Enter me please!!!

Here is my email: :D

Julia said...

I would like to enter.
Maybe I can win something for a change - well, on the other hand, I'm alo waiting for a nice guy to come around, without much hope. ^^;

LZ said...

I'd love to try a lip product that has hyaluronic acid! Thanks for this giveaway!


janny said...

ooo, ive been wanting to try out the new Dariya products but haven't had the chance to buy it off Sasa
thanks for having this giveaway

Unknown said...

MEOWWW That looks super Kuuute!! I adore ^_________^ I'd love to give it a try.

herroyalbleakness said...

Hope to win the loot! :)

EM said...

enter me please!

I love your reviews!and thank you for this giveaway!


RealOrNotReal said...

How gorgeous!! This might be the only Valentine's Day I get lol ;_: Anyway thanks for the giveaway, enter me please! :D

sugar sugar said...

Please enter me! The packaging is sooo pretty! :3 I really like the mint & red is such a cute combo!

Btw, since you are having this giveaway for valentines, advance happy valentines! i hope you have a lovely one. :)

name: sugar sugar
email : saccharine0158(at)gmail(dot)com

Anna said...

I would like to enter!

seem like hyaluronic acid is getting popular over beauty and skincare products lately!

I follow you via GFC as MsAd89

thanks :)

Erika Lim said...

Wow, I've never seen that lip balm before. It looks absolutely cute! Ahaha. Definitely going to enter the giveaway. As for the thing that I like... hm its kind of hard to tell because I like absolutely anything and everything that is CUTE! :D I think that goes for all girls right? Lol!

the.Cyutiis are hosting a giveaway too! You should enter it! You might win!! :)

imcarvalho said...

Hi :) The gel sounds really interesting, I might pick it up when I'm running out of primer!

Mona said...

the packaging is really cute!

thank you for having a giveaway and happy early valentine's day to you!

sy said...

February 14th, just another monday lol ;~;

happy valentines day! and ty for having this giveaway! the packaging looks adorable :3

amynaree said...

the packaging is so adorable!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathi, I got the items that you sent, thank you very much! And pretty package! :)


April said...

Enter me :)
It so cuteee ^^

Vanity Fashionista said...

Enter me please :)
Cute packaging! I would love to try this out ^^
Thank you!

seedchan said...

Hi~ I'm following through GFC under the name "seedchan". Enter me please :)

Because of you, I just ordered a box of bubble hair dye off of ebay. LOLOL

Lucy said...

Awwww DO WANT!!

Love your blog Kathy!

Ines Sarajevo said...

i have tried so many new things thanks to your blog so i hope this one will also be among them.

Mandy said...

Cute packaging! :D
Enter mee~

Sheila said...

Oooh I'd like to be entered! That lip balm looks really good. The Make-on gel too. I don't usually use a base but I know I probably should start... =)

fisiwoman said...

I'm already a follower!

Ana Belén R.M

Amester said...

the packaging is definitely eye catching!
would love to give this product a try.

enter me please :D

Lucy said...

enter me please!
following under okanmeinko
i thought the red and aqua combo is ugly, but if the products good...!

Cutie Fishball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy Cong said...

The packaging is so cute! I saw it on sasa the other day and I was curious about it. Thanks for the review :] Please enter me for the giveaway, I'd love to try them out :]

estherfkim said...

oh how cutee!! i would love to try them, please enter me. thank you!

Rose Varela said...

Hope I get it :D

Rena said...

I'm into Asian makeup...but have been on a makeup ban ever since having car I thought I'd try my luck!


<33 Rena

S.N. said...

Aww, I really like the red and mint packaging too. It's cute and unique and I love the little bow/lace detail. The cutest stuff comes from overseas... US cosmetics brands really need to take a page from their book.

(P.S: Entering in the giveaway!)

Mallory said...

I love the packaging! It's so cute. I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I love/am addicted to lip treatments so that's kind of discouraging knowing that it have a weird floral smell. I'm with you on that one though. I'm not that biggest fan of floral smells, sadly.

Thank you for the reviews!

Ashley said...

I love the packaging! The color combination is my favorite.

madoka said...

Hi!~ Have recently stumbled upon your blog (actually, just yesterday) and I love the detailed reviews and the focus on Asian brands...I have always been looking for a blog like this one!~

I'm actually quite a newbie when it comes to everything skincare/make-up related but had the chance to get some drugstore products from Japan last year and I love them!~ Will be going there again soon so I was researching on the stuff I want to buy (hence, landing on this blog)

This lip balm and gel's package is just soo cute! I'm not at all familiar with the brand Dariya though (which giant is behind this one?)

Please enter me into the giveaway!~ Would be epic if I get it the first time I comment on this blog ahha

Nickname: madoka_76

Kai said...

really cute packaging! i would love to try a new lip balm. speaking of lip treatment/balms, i bought the new Lavshuca l/s LE sets (the one w/ a l/s and a mini Perfect Gloss) and i think i'm in love with the gloss! i wasn't expecting to really care much for the gloss at all, i was more interested in the l/s itself, but i was shocked by the gloss. it goes on thick but it's not at all sticky, and really kept my lips soft and moisturized with a really natural shine (not a high gloss which looks sorta fake). and it lasts really long! i wasn't going to get both l/s LE sets, but because 1) i loved the l/s themselves as well and 2) i love the Perfect Gloss so much, that i bought the 02 Beige set as well.


i also grabbed the new MM blushers in PK303 the LE shade. i was a little disappointed by how sheer it is though, i'll have to use a heavier hand tomorrow. maybe my brush is too soft too. but it's so cute! i also grabbed the new pencil liner in the red brown shade, as i use brown more than black. i hope it lasts really long! did the liner work for your bottom lashline too, or you only use it for your waterline/inner corner? when i swatched in store it seemed super soft, i hope it won't get all over my lashes x___x

Sarahj said...

Hurray for giveaways, especially ones that don't make you go through an internet obstacle course to enter :)
I love your blog, I always love seeing your new posts, you made me start buying asian beauty items.
I am a follower:

xeanthe said...

that is such a cute looking lip balm!

Elisa ♥ said...

whoaaa, another nice giveaway ^^ haha, ofcourse i'm joining!! I still need to review the brush ='D I've seen the Dariya products before on the sasa website, the packaging is so cute ^^!! but never tried it before~

So yeah, i want to enter the giveaway =D
Name: Elisa ♥

petitechouxx said...

i would like to enter ^^ the lip balm looks so cute!

yumethy89 (at)

Chiharu said...

this is so exciting! *fingers crossed*

Georgina said...

the lip treatment is so cute! and its sounds great too! very nice :) i would love to enter! :)


C said...

Why is it so cute?? I want to buy it all now!

Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me ,please!
I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
Email :
Nice giveaway, thank you!

AMARIEHI said...

i love hello kitty! ^_^ please enter me!

i also have a giveaway contest going on
hope to see you enter!


Jangalian said...

The pattern is so cute .////.
I was following you through rss for a while, never realized that I never clicked follow, haha! It's just that rss is so convenient . . . haha, fail XD. Took me so long to notice . . . Even if I don't win this giveaway, Imma still get me some Dariya! XD

Unknown said...

The packaging is intriguing, I agree. I've never seen anything like that. I would love to have a chance to try it out.

RED majexty said...

following under pexxy :)
i love the sentimental circus notepad! thanks for hosting a giveaway :)))

Sonia Ho said...

Love your skincare/makeup blog.

Enter me!

Unknown said...

I want to enter! the lip treatment looks so cute to resist and I honestly have no problem with scented products ^^

following you by GFC : aisyah de cullen

Exquizeet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DinaXYYan said...

Love the packaging! Thanks for doing this giveaway


~Lisa said...

Ooh, enter me!!

The packaging of this is super super cute! ^^ I loove the bows!

. : * justine * : . said...

The packaging is so cute! I adore white and pink but something about the mint and red looks so nice together... and I love ribbons and bows!

Jenni said...

thanks for your review! i was debating to pick up this gel or the Sana Hadanomy the other day in Sasa :) i ended up picking up Hadanomy and thankgod i like it <3!

of course I'm already following on GFC,
jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

Amelia said...

I wanna enter this give away too! :)

your blog have been so helpful for me when choosing beauty products
thank you!

breakingrumours said...

The lipbalm is so cute! <3

angel said...

Enter me please.. i never try any Dariya product yet. the packaging is so cute.. i cant resisit it. =)

Isla said...

I follow you as facethevalley...yup, it's a very random name!

I'd love to try looks so darn cute!

Kawaiiberri92 said...

wow they made a new character hehehe so cuteeee >u< the lip balm is really cuteee hahaha please enter me >u~

cornelio03 said...

I would love to try this product, enter me please!

Following this blog via GFC as Cornelio Mallare


dianarahim said...

Its so cute!
Enter Me.
Diyana Rahim

- Angie - said...

Happy V-day..!
I like your blog because its informative updated and very cute...!!! :DDD

Let me get that lipbalm!!! haha

angie.twe at

Good luck..!

Anonymous said...

Cute giveaway
I love giveaway

Enter me please!!!

Here is my email:

Ngelic said...

Please enter me! I follow you as cookiexcrumbs

Thankyou for opportunity for this giveaway. They're all so cute especially the note pad >w<

Robin said...

I love all your reviews! thanks for the giveaway

tsumaranai53 at gmail dot com

lydia said...

the packaging is absolutely adorable ! i'd love to be entered in the giveaway.

XiaXia said...

i saw this a while back on sasa as well.
but it was the hand and body essence which caught my attention! :O

Nou Xiong said...

Those have to be the cutest packaging!
enter me...

Jessie said...

I like your blog and the giveaway prize very much. Enter me please. I already be your blog follower. thanks.

Lucky Finds said...

I'm joining in!

emiliana.sison AT

madameB said...

Personally I'm not a big fan of tubs as you have to use fingers which may be dirty. >< I know, hygiene freak.

I'd love to enter! ^^

following via gmail (does that count as following?!)


Alexandra said...

You always buy the cutest things, I swear!
You know, whenever I receive your posts on my email, I am ready to be overwhelmed with pink, bows and cuteness, and I usually get that sweet feeling watching the products you show, on that cute pink and white polka dor bg! :D

Thank you for another amazing giveaway! XOXO

Anonymous said...

another great giveaway!
thank you so much~
i've been entering on almost all your giveaway contest hope this one is my luck!

happy Vday!

dreamer said...

that is so cute! enter me :D

gfc: quinieleong

evie said...

have never tried it before but lip treatment sound wonderful!!would love to enter the giveaway!

Verlyn said...

I love the kawaii ribbon design ! Thanks for the lovely giveaway~ My email address is (:

Ange said...

ich mag deinen blog sehr gern!
und da ich außerdem noch ein lippenpflege-suchtie bin, muss ich natürlich an deinem tollen giveaway teilnehmen! :D

María said...

wow it looks so nice! enter me please
I love asian products =P
Thank you~~ ^^

Anna said...

Dariya make-up? Oh would love to try that!!

chouhime AT gmail DOT com

Mariko said...

Such a cute lipbalm!!!

my email is

xoxo mariko

Jasuuu said...

Enter me!
They are cuuuute!

email :

Dazzling Arts said...

love the navy-esque packaging. the japanese do kawaii packaging so well. Hope i can win! :P


maashi said...

Yay for giveaways!

CL said...

Please enter me in the giveaway! would love to try out the lip balm!

Amy said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Please enter me into the giveaway =)


Mia said...

How adorable is that lip balm.
Please enter me in the giveaway!


Unknown said...

nice-nice ) hope to win ;)

summer said...

Cute packaging.

Cinnabunnie said...

the bow and pattern on the packagin is too kawaii! loves :)

tora-chan111 said...

The packaging is so cute >.<

Nekura said...

I love mint green packaging and bows! the mix with red is quite unusual though, very unique.

Light Love said...

Yay! I recently have followed your blog for a bout a week or two now, and I love everything on it!
I love MyBeautyDiary masks! I just recently got some, and they are amazing!
Thanks for this giveaway, and I will definitely do a review on this produce on my blog if I win!
Thank you for the giveaway!

Laura L said...

the cutest lipbalm ever. Need it since my lips chapped like blah...

thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

the lip balm and the notebook is so cute xD

thank you for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I like a good makeup remover that can remove everything in 1 go and will not dry out the skin.

Shaimaa said...

What a lovely giveaway

Sukie said...

please enter me!

i love reading your reviews and they are always so informative + tempting!!! I cannot recount the many times where i've read a review of yours and then rushed to buy the product you reviewed!!! xxx

Edita said...

Enter me, please! I love lip stuff! :D

laetitia said...

such a cute giveaway! i would love to try out the lip balm. I'm currently using korres tinted lip conditioners :)

Jerlyn said...

Enter me please :)

I follow you via GFC as Jerlyn

tinabocs said...

i love the packaging! i also want to know how hyaluronic acid will affect my lips :D

lovely blog, btw.

lilmizzruby said...

The lip balm looks cute...i am always down to try new balms, so enter me please!

Stephanie said...

These products look so interesting! I'm always looking for new lip balms :) enter me please!

Unknown said...

I hope to win this giveaway so that I could try it to "cure" my cracky dry lip for a beauty year!

Sophie said...

i love your blog! please enter me into your comp! <3

akazukin said...

Enter me ^^ lksjdgsdkl that is so freaking cute~

email is

Lynn said...

Enter me! :)

This is so cute and I love Hyaluronic acid so much! But is OOS on :(

Fiona Star said...

I've definitely noticed the packaging - so cute and doll-like, reminds me of matryoshka dolls.

Please enter me! (:

Anita said...

That has to be the cutest lip treatment I have ever laid eyes on! Damnit! I am such a suck for cute packaging hahaha

Joy said...

Lovely giveaway :)
I follow you via GFC as Joy.

Na said...

The packing on this line is simply adorable. I saw it on Sasa as well and I was immediately drawn to it!

anna said...

enter me please! i'd love to try out the products.
alarm06.00 (at)

Hikari Lily said...

Enter me please!

Perfect for Valentine's Day =)


Zaag said...

Hi! this is super nice of you to consider us on Valentine's Day! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day also!!

i'm zangurl83 and my email is

FloE said...

Enter me please :)

shar said...

please enter me~ ^^ i love that packaging!

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