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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gmarket Happy Bath haul

I think I haven´t ordered from Gmarket for over 1 1/2 years... just out of the Korean cosmetics loop somehow... but recently I decided to finally spend the 50000 Won gift certificate that was stuck on my Gaccount and there were also around 20000 Won from a previous shipping refund so I decided to finally haul more products from Happy Bath as I really loved the Body Milks I used up before very much!
I meanwhile also placed another order for more body care, accessories and stationery... really, Gmarket is so addictive!
This time the prices were even much better than when I first ordered 2 lotions a couple of years or so ago from Happy Bath so I went nuts a bit hehe =D 
I ordered a total of 5 body cleansers and 6 body lotions however the seller forgot to include 4(!) of the body lotions.... I was really pissed but I suspected something must be missing as the total shipping weight seemed to low considering what I ordered!
At least that was the fastest overseas order I ever received.... I ordered the items late night on Feb 13th (Sunday) and received the package as of today morning (Thursday)...considering that the seller had to send the order within Korea to Gmarket, then it had to be packed and weighed at their headquarters, sent via EMS from Seoul to Austria, passed customs and had to travel through all Austria that was really lightning fast! The stuff I order inside my country like from Amazon takes longer than this!

Anyway, besided missing 4 of my items one soap also spilled lightly so I had to wash the bottles as they were really sticky and icky =( I took pics and am in contact with the Gmarket customer service resolving the situation right now...

But still I love the items I reveived! I got 5 bottles of body cleanser...and each contains 900ml! That should last me many months per bottle! The body lotions I got contain 450ml respectively 350ml so they will also need quite some time to finish! I ordered some more lotions (incl. the ones this seller forgot to send) and shower gels from another seller, too....

The items I got are:
-Lime Essence Body Cleanser
-Lavender Essence Body Cleanser
-Mild Natural 96.6% Body Cleanser
-Moisture Natural 96.6% Body Cleanser (2x, pic only shows 1)
-Aroma Hydrating Lotion 92.80% Natural
-Repair 24 Enriching Essence 95.46% Natural

Price-wise the lotions and shower gels retail for around US$4-6 each so incl. shipping each bottle came to less than US$10. For almost a liter of high-quality shower gel respectively half liter of really fantastic body lotion that´s pretty much a steal for me. When I buy Japanese shower gels usually a 650ml bottle will set me back around US$20-25 incl. shipping and jacked-up online prices....
As you might know Happy Bath is produced by Amore Pacific, probably the biggest and best known Korean cosmetics manufacturer (e.g. Etude House belongs to it, too).

The Happy Bath products contain organic ingredients and have the French Ecocert badge printed on the back.
Overall the products are really high quality and smell all very delicious while being mild to the skin.
I will properly review most things later on!


- Angie - said...

I bought Happy Bath when I was in Korea too! They're really cute shower cream! :P Man I gotta ask u on how to use Gmarket... sounds cool!

kei said...

I love their organic line very much. The body essence is amazing.The shower gels look so decious LOL!

~Lisa said...

Nice haul! I like how they individually bubble wrap everything

patty said...

i don't know how to use Gmarket! all those blinking things are hurting my eyes! i saw a listing for the lotion but it is arund $9+ each?

Kathi said...

Yea, some sellers really have annoyingly many things for choice in 1 auction and prices vary greatly.
In this offer you get 2 body lotions (moist and/or mild...your choice), 450ml each, for around $7.24 for both... Or pay a little extra for their advanced lotions like the ones I mentioned in this post.

Cosuki Naru said...

Nice haul!!!! i love it.
Kisses from Spain

Sarah said...

Hi, the seller also missed out one of my items for my gmarket haul? what should i do ?

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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