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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mentholatum Water Colour tinted lipbalm in Wild Coral

The Water Colour lipbalm from Mentholatum (a company owned by Rohto Japan) is one of my most recent acquistions from Sasa. As I said before I like adding random interesting-looking stuff to my orders, usually to qualify for the free shipping =)

The Water Colour lipbalm is tinted and comes in 2 colors (on Sasa at least), a berry and a coral shade. I actually added the Wild Coral color to my cart by mistake as I wanted the berry shade (and have ordered meanwhile) but noticed my mistake too late for changing it.

The Water Colour comes in a white and silver twist-up tube which reminds me quite of the lipsticks from Shiseido Kesho Wakusei.
The balm is scented´s some weird kind of grapefruit scent perhaps... not so much to my liking to be honest.

The texture is slick albeit a bit waxy so it´s not the most comfortable lipbalm out there but it´s not the worst either. I feel it´s sitting on the skin a little more than really sinking inside so I would not suggest this as your sole lip treatment.

I like how this makes my lips look naturally plump and slightly tinted in a soft glossy coral shade however the color is a bit bright so probably best suitable for ladies who are a little more tan than me.
On the pic below I applied a sheer layer on top of a layer of clear lipbalm:

On the one hand this is a nice inexpensive tinted lipbalm perfect for tossing in your purse for quick touch-ups. On the other side the lack of moisture, waxiness and mediocre scent reduce the pleasure of wearing this.

I think I paid somewhere between US$4-5, so the price is not bad.

Rating 2.5/5


beautyparler said...

That colour is gorgeous! Gotta pick that up next time I'm in HKG.

gingerSnap said...

Oh this product I cannot use anymore. I bought mentholatum and after 3 days of using my lips look very dull, chappy and burnt.

sugar sugar said...

Have read a lot of raves about this product. It looks really pretty on your lips! :3

Kai said...

speaking of the Mentholatum balms, while i'm in japan I noticed my lips getting chapped super easily, and the Yu-Be lipbalm totally doesn't work at all (it's crap for $5! >.< ) so i on a whim bought one of these:

the Rohto Mogitate Kajutsu lip cream under the mentholatum subbrand i think. I LOVE THEM! they're so freakin soft going on the lips, and i guess i really liked the scents myself. my fave are the Strawberry and Grape so far, the Peach smells a little weird though it wasn't bad and after the initial whiff, comes down to a nice white peach scent. they all smell really sweet tho, so instead of the actual fruit, it smells a lot like asian popsicles that are those flavored? whatever it is, i actually love it.

it's really moisturizing, though doesn't stay on very long i guess, but i feel like they work really well for me and really helped to keep my lips soft and flake free the past few days. i liked the Peach one so much (first one i grabbed) that i got a strawberry (for the backpack), and grape (for my hotel room), and last night grabbed the Lemon/Lime and the Mango/Orange one last night to take back to US with me. :D they were cheap too, around 198yen (so around $2.40?) retail.

they're the only lipbalms i bought in Japan, i vaguely wanna try one of the other ones (like a Shiseido one) but those are way more expensive (around 700yen a pop) so i'm reluctant x___x

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