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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The joys of a purse organizer...

I bought a purse organizer on Gmarket recently (listing 167242059, option C-88) as this is an item I never posessed in my life but I always like to keep my bag tidy using pouches etc. However toting around 10000000 pouches can get tiresome at some point so I thought one big organizer which can keep all items together in 1 place might be more convenient and also take some of the bulkiness and weight away.... 

And I can fit all things so well it´s a real pleasure to use this. It´s easy to find things, everything stays in place and the purse organizer gives good structure to any bag. Btw in the back left is the pocket I store my camera but surely now it´s empty haha. The hot pink pouch with the blue zipper was a freebie from one of the´s very lightweight and thin and holds some cosmetics.

I got the larger size but there is also a smaller available. 

Here are more pics at the hot pink wallet I got! (Gmarket listing no. 188340110, option A24 ver.2, 3rd choice)

It´s really a nicely made wallet with lots of pockets for cards. Really love this style of wallet!

And the card case in light purple (188340110, D58 in violet):

Oh and here is the Etude House makeup pouch (listing 198792615) I use for the stationery I carry with me! I have my cash diary, some memo pads, pens, stickers, business and birthday cards etc. stored inside and everything fits perfectly! The Milk 301 pens are erasable. Really cool!

And last but not least the Shinzi Katoh iphone case. I really love Shinzi Katoh! The covers for the iphone 4 were prettier and there were more choices but I still have my 3GS so was somehow limited in my choices...


splattergirl said...

oh I like the EH pouch so much, wish I could find it somewhere!

XiaXia said...

i love the iphone cover!

Lin said...

oomg your purse organizer is designed so much better than mine!
and it's pink!
purse organizer has come a long way

Silvinha said...

OMG you are really organized! loved the hot pink wallet. Your post made me miss Taiwan, I love Asian wallets, coloured pens and papers lol Kisses from Spain! (

~Lisa said...

WOW! I want a purse organizer! My bag is so messy and it's so hard to find stuff. =(

breakingrumours said...

omg the pouches are so cute! i should hunt for a proper bag organizer soon enough,things are getting messy in my bag :( and i have too many pouches,its tiring at some point <3

Isla said...

How does the purse organizer work? Does it go around/inside your regular purse? I can't figure it out from the pics...

Kathi said...

Hi Agmini,
You fill the purse organizer and then put it in your handbag. Very easy and neat as t gives good structure to soft bags and keeps everything in place well

birkinbagbeauty said...

thank you so much for the update on that fantastic hot pink wallet. I am going to put that one in my wish/buylist for sure. I adore that polka dot lining.
The rest looks really cute and handy as well. Especially that purse-organizer you bought. Wow, that could work for a slightly unorganized person like me.

herroyalbleakness said...

You are loaded with tons of cute stuff Kathi! Ugh! Plus you have a pretty purse organizer to tidy em all up.

Beauty Box said...

Looks v nifty indeed...I def need one. I can never find anything in my mountain of stuff....

Catherine said...

I love that purse organiser. I agree that carrying around loads of pouches is tiring and messy. Wish I could buy from GMarket- you seem to haul some great stuff from there.

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