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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring 2011: Visée Glam Shade Eyes BR-2, GY-6 & PU-7

For the springtime this year Visée released a brand new series of eyeshadow palettes so I picked up 3 of the colors from Adambeauty even though these were a little pricier (US$21...RRP is around that: 1800 Yen) than e.g. Kate or Lavshuca eyeshadows. Actually not a little pricier, the difference is quite significant, especially compared to Lavshuca.
The new palettes aren´t as pretty as the previous ones but I liked the lay-out of the 5 colors.

All eyeshadows are powders, there is no cream base. The shade at the very right is more glittery than the rest and is meant for the inner part of the eye to brighten that area.

The texture is smooth but the shadows are really hard to blend and apply blotchy so some layers are needed to achieve a nice result....not easy to deal with for makeup beginners I´d say. 2 of the palettes I have (the BR and PU ones) also are really lacklustre once applied, they look sort of flat and boring, lacking any kind of dimension.

Staying power is good, once applied the shadows stay in place very well on my lids.

BR-2 looked like a pretty taupe combo but turned out a flat boring brown quint. Still good for a conservative environment but nothing outstanding by any means.

GY-6 is the best of the 3 palettes, the gunmetal gray is really rich and pigmented with a lustrous finish. Hard to blend like the other palettes, though, but still better

PU-7 is the worst of the lot as it´s a red-toned sheer dull combo of plums

Overall these palettes aren´t worth purchasing in my humblest opinion, rather get a Kate Dual Blend Eyes or a Lavshuca palette...cheaper and so much better!

Rating 2.5/5 (the GY palette saved the bunch from going down to 2...that one would get a 3)


Stella said...

I should have waited for your reviews before buying them from Adambeauty after seeing your haul...

Cutie Fishball said...

I still bought the GY-6 from adambeauty last night coz I wanted the neutral gray... along with the lunasol palette.

my friend is going to mail me a bunch of asian skincare along with the new Kate palettes for me to try out! I am so excited and I have decided to start my blog post today :) Come visit me sometime :)

Anonymous said...

That's a shame... I always love the Visee palettes and I'm waiting for the blue and grey one. I was really excited...until I saw your review :( The colours look gorgeous though!

Silvinha said...

ohh the first quint looked nice on the palette. It's a pity it didn't delivered as nice. Kisses!

Kai said...

I got this in the BL shade and PK1, and so far I like PK1. it's pigmented and smooth like you said, i didn't notice any difficulty in blending though my application is a lot diff from yours (totally diff eye shape, hehe, i got asian monolid XD). PK1'll probably be too warm for you though. I haven't tried the BL yet but looking at fuzkittie's swatches, it looks pretty rich! and i know i wanna get the GY6 shade, her swatch totally swayed me.

i actually like these palettes, but i think it depends on skintone and which of the palettes bought. seems they might be a little inconsistent in quality.

i'll try the BL shade and let you knwo soon!

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