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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Malware warning when using Google Chrome?

One of my readers informed me that she is getting a malware warning when opening Lotus Palace on her Google Chrome browser. 
I tried to install Google Chrome on my PC but failed as it gave me a weird error message. When opening Lotus Palace on IE or Mozilla I don´t get any malware alert and my MC Afee scan says the site is safe, too.

If you use Google Chrome please try to open Lotus Palace (via link, search or type in the browser bar) and let me know here in the comment sections if you get a malware alert. 
I´d be really grateful for this, thank you!!


Anita said...

Google Chrome is my default browser and it works fine for me!

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

working fine in my google chrome

Kathi said...

Thank you, ladies! I am definitely relieved now!

Anonymous said...

chrome is my default and I've been receiving that alert for the past 5 days or so. I ignore it though.. it's probably some link that is in your website :| Should go away after a while.

Jenni said...

I got this warning off my site too, I emailed blogger and now it seems to be fixed :)!

sugar sugar said...

Works fine on my browser. Google chrome is also my default browser. Uhmmm.. someone told me before that my blog also had malware and upon checking I found out that it was in one of the blogs i linked on my blogroll. if michelle phan is in your blogroll that's prolly where it's coming from. ^-^ just remove the infected blog and your site will be fine. that's what i did with mine anyway. i hope that helps. :3

Anonymous said...

As an IT person I can only recommend chrome, also it worked always fine for lotuspalace.

stay away from IE girls :X !

Di said...

I'm using google chrome and was receiving that Malware warning over the last 1 or 2 days. I think one of the links on the Beauty Blog List might be causing it, but I'm just guessing.. It seems alright today though :)

Dilla said...

i didn't get any alert when using google chrome :)

Anja said...

I also use Chrome and have not received any malware warnings. It's possible that their own antivirus or firewall programs are interfering rather than Chrome itself.

Sasha said...

I had this problem few days ago with your blog. But that's okay know ;)

fleur said...

I got some malware warnings a few days back from chrome as well, it warned about one of the sites in your blogroll.

Kai said...

my friend actually was just reporting that malware thing 'cause she uses GChrome, and this is what hers said:
"The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that contains malware can infect your computer."

hope that helps!

Jamie said...

everything's fine on my chrome! :)

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