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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rosette x Hello Kitty Collagen Wash

Rosette is my favorite skincare brand right now... I am sure you must be tired of my raves for the Soys line but actually the more known skincare line from Rosette is the one featuring Hello Kitty! I reviewed the sheet masks some while ago so today I will bring you the review of the Hello Kitty Collagen Wash!
There are several face washes in the Hello Kitty line but only the Collagen Wash is suitable for dry and sensitve skin-types so I purchased it on Sasa (around US$8).

To my delight the Collagen Wash is the one in the pink tube =P I love pink so that´s perfect hehe...
The tube contains 120g and is marked "For sale in Japan only" =P

The wash itself is a thick white paste that lathers up nicely into a very dense soft and silky froth so I only need to take very little each time. Even better foam can be achieved when I´m using one of those Japanese foaming nets that can be purchased on Sasa or eBay. They are used only to create lather and are not actually used on the face.
This product is scented with a crisp apple fragrance which is actually quite nice in my opinion. The foam is gentle and leaves my skin soft and clean albeit slightly dry.

Overall this is a really nice face wash well suitable for normal-dry skin-types. I wouldn´t recommend this to very dry, very sensitive and very oily skin though.
Rating 4/5


~Lisa said...

Ooh, Sounds great!! The HK is super cute!

Elisa ♥ said...

the packaging is superrrrr cute omg !!

Ashley said...

After I'm finished with my Hada Labo face washes, I'd love to try this one and the Soy line!
Hello Kitty is just irresistable <3

sugar sugar said...

Ohhhh I'd buy this because the packaging is cute. :3 But it's nice to know that the product is also great! :3

Wakako said...

nice review :) the Hello Kitty skincare products have always attracted me... they are sooo cuuuute <3

Fifi said...

This is super cute! I wonder if they have a facial wash for oily skin..

elepop said...

I'm tempted to try this, but I think it's go for the Soys line first. I'm just bumped that the lotion and milk is currently sold out...

Kai said...

this looks cute! i wanna get the blue one for oily/acne skin (though i don't really get acne that often). hehe i'm not much of a pink kinda girl, so the blue is right up my alley (and so cute!)

side note, do you have any recommendations for products that helps with blackheads on nose? i use clarisonic w/ my cleansers (so i oily cleanse first to remove mu then in the shower i wash again w/ a face wash and clarisonic) and my huge blackheads on nose are not going away :\ any recs on products that'd help with that?

Unknown said...

wahh,,u really have try too many brand.. i like!

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