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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yanagiya Prexceed x Hello Kitty Tsubaki Hair Moisturizing Essence Super Rich

I thought since I just reviewed the Hello Kitty Collagen Wash from Rosette why not review the other Hello Kitty colaboration product I have?
Yanagiya has this popular Tsubaki hair moisture cream range various levels of richness... I think I have a few here but haven´t tried any of the Tsubaki creams as I have quite a few other treatments open and in need to be used up first.
I recently picked up the Prexceed Hello Kitty Tsubaki Hair Moisturizing Essence which is a Limited Edition...just couldn´t resist the cute kimono kitty!

This comes in a gorgeous shiny red squeeze tube and contains 120g which will last really long (It took me many many months to use up another 120g tube of a Yanagiya hair cream). This Hair Moisturizing Essence is "super rich" which means it´s for damaged and dry hair and only little should be used or you will get greasy locks.

Use on shampooed damp hair, don´t rinse off as it´s a leave-in treatment. Recommended to use at night to enjoy super soft hair in the morning.
Here you can see a hairy kitty using this stuff (she looks stupid with hair!):

This stuff really smells good! Like fresh sweet apples! it´s indeed a rich white cream treatment and gives me really soft and smooth hair so I think it´s nice stuff. The only thing negative I notice is that my hair isn´t as shiny as I idea why that´s so.

Overall a nice hair care cream worth checking out!
I got mine from alphabeautyuk on eBay.

Rating 4/5


~Lisa said...

Super cute!
I agree, Hello Kitty with hair just looks...manly. LOL

And is Tsubaki an ingredient?

Unknown said...

ooh hello kitty ^_^ Cute:) x

Kathi said...

Yes yes, it contains camellia oil! Also vit E but not sure about other ingreds

Diane said...

Oh how cute! How can you say no to Hello Kitty? I'm not good with leave in conditioners, did you blow dry your hair after using this? Or do you let yours air dry?

Cinnabunnie said...

my hair has been dying without treatments. this would be awesome and you can't beat it cuz its hello kitty!

Mallory said...

I've been looking for a leave in conditioner for awhile now. Maybe I'll give this a try. Thanks for the review. =)

Unknown said...

I'm using another Yanagiya Prexceed hair essence and i love it :D wish i saw this hello kitty one first though. it's adorable <33 thanks for the review !

Jenni said...

I'm wondering have you tried the Rosette x Hello Kitty moisture gel? The jar is too cute to resist, haha! would love to know what's your thoughts on that one (if you have tried) :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I want to try this!!

Anonymous said...

Try yanagiya hair tonic Visit

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