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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kosé Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask

Kosé Nature & Co released a new Vital Purity face care line (4 products I believe), supposedly a more advanced skincare (whatever that may mean)... I don´t know for which skin-type the products are actually made but my guess is aging and more mature skin.
The products contain organic lavender and chamomile extracts, furthermore collagen, GABA and Vitamin E (taken from Alphabeautyuk´s auction description).
I first ordered a sample pack of the Vital Purity Lift Mask as the full-sized tub is a bit pricier so I figured out I´d rather pay a few bucks for a sample before tossing a big jar because my skin can´t take the mask or gets irritated. I am actually usually sensitive to cream or gel masks so I generally use sheet masks as they are mostly suitable for my skintype.

Anyway, I tried the sample pack and liked the mask so much I finally ordered the full size!
The mask comes in a pretty square light purple plastic jar with a black cover containing a generous 180g (this will last quite a while!). I don´t know the retail price but I paid around US$25 plus shipping from ebay seller Alphabeautyuk.

This is a very thick off-white paste which reminds me of a clay mask. I am not sure if it contains clay though as I am usually extremely sensitive to anything containing clay!

The scent of the mask is really nice, it´s a fresh herbal smell, mostly coming from the lavender and chamomile extracts.

I apply a thick layer till my face is white (excluding lips and eye area) and leave the mask on for about 5 minutes until it´s dry. Initially the mask really feels refreshing and cooling (no burning or tingling sensation at all!) but when it dries down it feels very tight and stretching the skin thus giving a lifting sensation. Honestly this is quite an uncomfortable feeling but once the mask is dry you are supposed to remove it anyway.

The auction description calls this a peel-off mask but also states that this stuff should be washed off and honestly there is no chance to peel this off, no matter how thick the applied layer is... so I wash it off, also because I am sure my skin couldn´t take a peel-off mask.
After washing the Vital Purity Lifting Mask off my skin looks absolutely glowy and radiant, it´s clear and revitalized. This is not a moisturizing mask but it´s definitely lifting, softening, refreshing and refining my skin. 
I am actually pretty amazed of the results this mask can give. I totally expected to get an allergic or irritated reaction to this product but actually it´s really fantastic!

I think most skin-types can take the mask except maybe super dry skin as the mask might be not moisturizing enough. Anyway, I´d say this is a great product for tired skin.
I use it around 2x per week or when I feel my skin looks tired and dull.

This totally gets a Rating of 5/5


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