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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap)

I tried several of those quick hair-drying caps/towels but none of them was really perfect. Most were good in absorbing the water but the fit was usually my problem e.g. the turban-kind hair-drying towel from Nexcare was too tight around my head.

I purchased the Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap) from Sasa around a year ago and like it so much that I got 2 more pieces (one for Egypt, a 2nd one for here).

There are 2 versions, the one in the red box (for short hair, it´s like a head band) and the one in the blue box for longer hair which is the one I purchased. 

This is the description from Sasa:
"Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap) is made of micro-fiber textile. With more and denser intervals in between, it absorbs water more quickly and effectively.

Dampened hair is so delicate that it may be damaged as rubbed by towel or under hair dryer, resulting in dull, rough and rigid hair.

Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban not only dries up the wet hair, but also wraps your fringe so that you can put on makeup and dress up more easily."

When you wash this make sure not to use fabric softener, can be washed at 30°C. 
This is shaped like a cap so you just have to put this on your head and make sure all hair is stuffed inside. I usually just tilt my head to the front and quickly wrap it over my perfectly It´s flexible and soft and stays on my head no matter what I am doing. Nice wearing this while doing face masks or makeup, too!

This really speeds up the drying of my hear therefore the cap will be completely drenched after removal so I wash it very often or dry it on the heating.

Overall a must-have beauty tool for me, I don´t want to miss this ever again!

Rating 5/5


Mallory said...

That's so weird. I never knew they made something like this. I used to cover my hair with a towel and do that little twist so it goes on top of my head but I haven't been doing that lately. I realized that when my hair gets twisted in the towel it pulls on it harshly so I'm always left with some fallen hair. Thanks so much for this post! I'll definitely be getting myself one.

Kai said...

i want this! i wonder if i can find it here in Japan, but i'm always on the lookout for better hair turbans. not necessarily to dry my hair fast (my hair dries super fast already because it's so ridiculously thin, i actually don't want it to dry under a turban since that means i'm gonna have kinks in my hair lol) but i want a easy to use one for after my showers at home, so i can do my skincare w/o my hair in my face lol

Isla said...

That looks great! I usually use a towel and wrap it around my head but it falls off easily...would you please post a pic of your hair with it on there? I'm curious about the fit/how it works! (I understand if that's not really something you want to make public though!)

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