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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fresh Light Blythe Bubble Hair Color in Sugar Ash

Woohoo, yet another new Japanese bubble hair dye! I love bubble hair dyes as they are super convenient aka less messy and one pack can usually last for all my hair unlike conventional dye which usually takes 2 packages thus makes it more pricey.

The Fresh Light Blythe hair dye in Natural Black is one of my favorite colors (review here), a gorgeous ashy black but one that doesn´t look too goth on me.
Since my favorite ebay seller was (and still is) out of stock of the Natural Black dye I decided to pick up another ashy color (Sugar Ash)..albeit lighter in tone I thought it should be able to do the trick with my medium brown and slightly reddish hair (from previous dyes).

I actually didn´t read the auction description so I somehow missed that bubble was I delighted when I got my package containing 2 packs (as I ordered 2 expecting to need them for 1 application) of the Sugar Ash hair dye and I noticed that these are in fact bubble dyes!

In fact this is the most convenient bubble hair dye I have come across so far. The pump dispenser is a high-quality product you might know from various face washes releasing super fine and dense bubbles that are a breeze to apply. After using the hair color I actually threw the bottle in the dishwasher to save for later, if I mix some body wash and water this can make a grand body washing foam (or face washing foam even). There are also good gloves included, not that flimsy thin plastic type the give us here!

Fresh Light suggest putting the pump bottle into the dye box (there is a round section of the box that can easily be removed) as it´s a stable stand for the bottle. This works really perfectly and pumping the foam out is very easy and not as exhausing as pushing that bottle from the Prettia hair dyes (I really get a cramp in my arm when using Prettia!)!

As I said above the foam is super dense and rich and one bottle can easily cover all my hair (about shoulder-blade length), the foam stays on my head without dripping around and the result came out really evenly.
This hair color has a quite pungent ammonia smell paired with a fruity scent but definitely the ammonia is a bit overwhelming.

After washing my hair it felt a little dry but a bit of the Essential Honey & Shea Butter Rich Premier Hair Mask took care of that immediately. That´s my go-to hair treatment after dying my hair, nothing works as well as this so I always skip the hair care pack included with the hair dyes.

The color I got is a really nice deep ash with more gray than brown tones so I really love this result and it is very flattering for my cool-toned skin-tone. There are no blue, red or orange tones to detect at all.

I was stupid and forgot to take a before pic, sorry! Here is the result I got:

Overall this is really an excellent hair dye and one of the best ones from Japan I tried so far.. and I am glad I have the 2nd box as a backup now!

Rating 5/5 but please keep in my mind I didn´t test this hair color for longer so I cannot comment on the staying power yet... though I expect it to be good as the Natural Black color really lasted extremely well!


Diane said...

I love Blythe Fresh Light hair dye. I didn't know they came out with a bubble version, how fun I might have to try it. Thanks for the info!

steph said...

i love the color!! usually my hair gets all golden when i dye it in a lighter color and it annoys me to no end :C
this one looks like it might work for me though ^__^ i gotta have to try this too!!
lippi ~

GINA said...

I love to color my own hair and have tried a few different shades. Great!

Mallory said...

I've always wanted to try the bubble hair dye but I tend to go back to a darkish brown color after a few days but I'm starting to feel like I need to change it up a bit. I might just purchase one of these to try out. The color came out lovely on you!

carly said...

I swear you are a mind-reader sometimes! I've been looking at this dye for weeks but there aren't any reviews of it on the web untill yours! really glad you reviewed this, i ended up buying the similar color by palty so I'm exited to try it now : )

Xen ♥ said...

Hi Kathi,

This is my first time commenting, but prior to this I have come across your site many times whilst looking for reviews (: and I am finally following you hehe

I havent seen this hair dye in my local stores but we do have the Liese bubble dye which works really well too. Have you tried it? I have black hair and it even manages to colour my regrowth! This dye looks promising (: the packaging is too cute to ignore, will def pick some up when I come across any. Thank you for the review!


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