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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fits Japan Pink Brown Mascara

Pink Brown Mascara from Fits Japan? Nothing I urgently needed but as I am curious, a sucker for cutely packed stuff and a beauty blogger I had enough excuses to indulge in a tube of it =D
I definitely liked the look of the mascara...and the promise of "sweet girly eyes" =)

As expected the tube is really sweet... and the mascara is pretty much your average brown mascara!
The applicator is a regular coil-shaped brush type and the formula contains lots of fibers so it´s a lengthening rather than a volume formula.
As I mentioned above after all this is just a brown mascara, a reddish one perhaps, but a brown mascara. I personally always think that brown mascaras don´t give enough definition but they are nice for a natural understated look.
I like it more layered on top of a black mascara as it softens the black but there is a little more drama compared to wearing it solo.

The result of this mascara is a soft feathery look, there is no drama at all but it keeps the curl at least somewhat well. 
I think this would also double well as an eyebrow mascara!

This mascara is not waterproof I believe as it comes off completely with just using cleansing oil and none of the waterproof Japanese mascaras I tried can be removed with cleansing oil alone usually. 
The fibers irritate my eyes slightly during application if I am not careful but there is no problem for me with fibers falling on my cheeks after the mascara dries.

Overall a product I can live without but it´s cute and nice to have around for super natural eyes (any maybe more defined/brighter/deeper lips?).
Retails for 1575 Yen, I got mine from Alphabeautyuk on eBay

Mascara alone

On top of Kiss Me Heroine Make Curl & Long

Rating 3.5/5


sugar sugar said...

I wonder if Majolica Majorca's brown mascara is better than this. This looks lovely on your eyes btw! It looks so much more natural & softer than normal black mascaras. =)

Anonymous said...

Your lash look super long!

Jenni said...

omg! i got this mascara while i was in Taiwan :D fell for the pretty packaging too! Am hoping it will work for me though, before I finish my @#$%^& tubes of mascaras.

Randomasiangirls said...

I love the packaging!! but i agree, the mascara itself isnt really that awesome at all lol..

oh, we are always conned by the packaging hahah


kaizokumousy said...

nice pacakging :)

Vanilla Twilight said...

Hi! I want to ask you a few questions about eyeshadow palettes. I'm kind of new at eyeshadow and I'm wondering if you have any recommended palettes for a starter like me.

Now I have one Kate dual blend eye palette and 2 reflect mirror eye palettes. I really don't like the reflect mirror eye edition because it has way
too much glitters and it falls on my face! I like smooth, easily blendable and shimmery texture, but not too shimmery, if you know what I mean. I'm thinking of buying Kate brown collection or new gradical eyes, but I also want Lunasol eyeshadow palettes. Do you think Lunasol would be a good choice?

I live in Asia, and Japanese cosmetics are not hard to find.

Also can you please do a tutorial on
how to apply eyeshadow? Every color you blend is so gorgeous and pretty!!

Laura said...


I want to ask you how to follow you by GFC because I can't see it...

Thank you!! :)

ashura said...

Ohoh I have this as well. But I didn't like it very much as it couldn't keep my lashes up

Violet said...

The mascara looks really nice on you though so natural and long. Too bad it irritates your eyes.

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