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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Xmas 2008: Jill Stuart Christmas Collection - Sweet Vintage

I think the Jill Stuart Christmas Collection coffret is the most coveted and hard-to-get Japanese Xmas release. It always sells out in a flash in Japan and later you'll find it for highly jacked up prices online.

I pre-ordered my kit from Bobodave as early as beginning of November to be sure to be one of the lucky people getting it.

I already got the coffrets of the previous 2 years, 2006 my dear friend Iris was able to get me one (I still owe her something for queuing up to get it) and 2007 I had an eBay seller located in Hong Kong who purchased it on Yahoo for me and forwarded it to me (unfortunately the eyeshadow quad arrived crumbled...what a bummer!)

The previous 2 coffrets contained more items but I honestly must say this year's kit contains the prettiest products released for Xmas so far (away from the Highlighter that came in the 2006 Xmas kit which is really divine).

The Christmas Collection Sweet Vintage contains:

-Illuminance Eyes 101 Vintage Glaze, 4.1g
-Lipgloss 103, 3.5g
-Solid Perfume Ring, 0.6g
-Compact Mirror S
-Clutch Box
RRP in Japan was 7875, which is about US$87 at current exchange. However it was a little less mid November when the kit was released. I paid quite a lot more though =X

-Illuminance Eyes 101 Vintage Glaze:

I really like the palette but it's the typical Jill Stuart color combo of pinks and gray.
The palette actually looks nearly identical to the Seductive Eyes palette in 03 Twinkle Venus so I am sure it would be a good alternative if you want a color combination similar to Vintage Glaze.

The 2nd shade from the left is a glitter shade just like the one in the other Illuminance Eyes palettes (very little pigment, much glitter). I think it's more useful to pat this on top of the shadows as the glitter fall-out of this particular shade is quite much.
The other colors are shimmery with finer milled micro glitters.

And here is Seductive Eyes 03 Twinkle Venus for comparison:

The colors work together nicely and create a pretty smokey eye with a romantic touch. I wouldn't use the pink shade on my lids as pinks look horrible anywhere below my crease/eye socket area.
The colors are a pale pink, glittery beige, hot pink and dark gray.
Even though the swatches look quite sheer the colors look rather intense on my eyes, especially the gorgeous dark gray.

-Lipgloss 103:

The lipgloss looks like a deep wine color in the tube but applies as super sheer berry pink on my lips. The gloss matches very well with the eye palette to create a soft feminine look.

The size of the gloss is tiny though so it won't last that long.
It carries a light scent (just like the eyeshadow palette and other JS cosmetics) and is infused with some pretty little glitters that don't show up really on my lips though.

-Solid Perfume Ring:

This is a very heavy chunky silver colored metal ring. You can swivel out the top of the ring to reveal the tiny spot of solid perfume.

As I expected the ring is way too small for me, after all it was made for more delicately sized Japanese fingers =) I could use it on my pinky but that would look seriously off for such a bulky ring lol! I don't sport the pimp look normally hehe!
The scent is very fine and subtle and like most solid perfumes it fades more or less instantly on me. A pity but I think that's why it is in a ring so you carry it with you and reapply it =P

-Clutch Box & Compact Mirror S:

I really think the box and mirror are absolutely gorgeous! They're covered in a soft pink satin with a pretty lace and bead design on the front.

The box is sturdy with a black satin inner lining and elasic straps and a pocket inside to tuck lipsticks or other items inside.
I personally wouldn't wear it as a purse but it is so pretty to put on a vanity table and store makeup or jewelery inside =)

In my opinion the JS is only a must-have if you're a die-hard JS fan. If you find it online you have to include quite a mark-up as this item is so sought-after!
I am not sure if it was really worth the price I paid but I don't feel regret for buying it!

Bobodave offers last year's and this year's Xmas coffrets if you want to buy them.


Laura L said...

ah...really an awesome haul u have.

between,where can I get this item?

planning to get it,it looks so nice and lovely ^ ^
I love the color and the packaging of each items,especially the color of lip gloss,wonderful!
It looks gorgeous too..

glad that you have it..

have a nice day ~*

Anonymous said...

I just died after seeing that ! I hope they still have that in HongKong.. the mirror is gorgeous !

birkinbagbeauty said...

it looks gorgeous but as you said in your blog, it is probably more something for die-hard JS fans. I am not sure if I could pull of the glittery pink eye like you do.
But it would make an awesome gift for a true girly girl.

plue said...

i had wanted to buy this, but because of the super shimmer/ glitter of the e/s, i didn't in the end :P

it's pretty, but then the price i was quoted is a little too exp :(


Kathi said...

Bobodave carries this but they jacked up the price even more than when I purchased it =(

plue said...

i heard bobodave, ichibankao and adambeauty jack up quite a bit, which i am not too fond of. cuz the currency is in USD and my currency is not of a good match! ah!

have to rely on local sprees, but then again... still quite marked up~

Kathi said...

Hi Plue =D
Bobodave and Ichibankao jack up though with the current Yen exchange rate I find the Ichibankao prices ok considering that shipping is included and they provide really excellent and speedy service. Sure the lady running the store wants to earn something for going out and purchasing, packing and sending the stuff we buy from her.

Adambeauty however has very moderate prices, even less than Japanese retail (with the strong Yen vs. US$ right now) on many items or about retail but shipping is included so you get the same pricings on most of the time just if you went to a Japanese drugstore yourself.
However his prices for Jill Stuart are higher but for all the other stuff his prices are very fair.

*hugs* =D

IchigoBunnie said...

O_O!! that's some nice packaging right there! unbelievably pretty--but so pricey! i wish i can afford them....

i always love the japanese e/s. they look so shimmery and glowy, and iridescent.

acutelife said...

very pretty!! I love the cute ring!!I really want to try jill stuart cosmetics, esp the eyeshadows, but they are so pricey I always decided to get something else. Im heading to Japan next year, I'll def get JS stuff then!:D

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