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Saturday, September 20, 2008

VOV Castledew Color Shot Lips, 2 new Over Setting Glosses & Volume Tint Balm in 03

I really love VOV Castledew... they have many cute items to offer (many of them of really good quality) and the prices are really cheap.

So of course it was a must for me to try out 2 of their Color Shot Lips lipsticks after being impressed with the first 2 Over Setting Glosses I purchased some weeks ago (2 more will be reviewed in this post)=D

-Color Shot Lips:

The Color Shot Lips come in really cute lipstick tubes that look VERY similar to T'estimo's Limited Edition Elegant Charme Rouge lipsticks that were released for (I think) Xmas 2006 (or was it 2005?).
T'estimo Elegant Charme Rouge:

The 2 Color Shot lippies I ordered came in different colored tubes which bugs me a little but I know that the guys from Castledew love to use inconsistent packaging (maybe due to different suppliers or so? No idea)
Anyways, one comes in a purple tube with a clear purple cap and one in a silver/yellowish plastic tube but the shape and design are the same otherwise.

The texture of the lipsticks is fine. They aren't the most moisturizing and wonderful lipsticks but they're good. Nothing like Lunasol or Maquillage but they aren't really drying and last for a decent time.
I couldn't detect a scent (at least not a strong one) which surprises me a bit as most Korean lip products have that typical fruity or floral scent.

I picked 2 colors (from top to bottom on the pic):
#141 Noble Pink: A bright medium pink with a coral tinge. Contains fine glitters that feel lightly scratchy. Medium pigment.
#152 Ruby Pink: This is an absolutely gorgeous mauvey pink with an almost metallic finish. I really love this and it works very well with my skintone. Medium pigment.

I purchased them from seller eloah on Gmarket for 14000 Won/both items (you can buy one for 8000 or 2 for 14000 Won)

-Over Setting Glosses:

I also purchased 2 new Over Setting Glosses as I really love the slick texture of these. You can read more about them here and see the other 2 colors I got.

#31 Mystic Pink (the one on the bottom of the pic) is a pretty sheer-medium pigmented light pink with the tendency to look a bit like a salmon color on me (it´s sort of a color changing iridescent color).
#33 Muse Pink is a standard light baby pink with very a very sheer finish. The swatch for this looked lovely but it's not a really thrilling color for me as I have probably 305490890 glosses like this.
I paid about over 7000 Won for both glosses.

-Volume Tint Balm:

As I already had mentioned before in my VOV haul I decided to get one more of the Castledew Volume Tint Balms as I really love the light pink one so I decided to get the next darker color 03 Rose.

I am a bit disappointed as this is a super hot bubblegum pink that's quite vibrant and pigmented so I need to do a quite soft neutral eye when wearing this. The texture is excellent like the other balm and it really feels moisturizing though. To me this is not a balm though, it's a very stick thick pot gloss.

I paid 3200 Won or so? That's less than US$3.


Anonymous said...

where did you get these from? cute packaging. thanks =)

Ya said...

ummm i dont know why i really dont like vov
i like etude much that vov

bu at ur blog i see so many things that really cute bout vov
the lipstick really looks delicious

please give me some reason...'does vov worth?

Kathi said...

I think VOV Castledew is worth buying. The regular and Color Song stuff is so-so. Not attracting me so much usually. But Castledew and Jadilla J are really nice

Kathi said...

from Gmarket, I think seller miincos or so

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