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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall 2010: Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Dual Cheek Color in 04 Seductive Rose

I actually had made up my mind to skip these new Jill Stuart blushes as I am not a big fan of loose powder products in general so I just avoid them.

As it often happens my friend Iris blogged about the blush and I finally wasn´t able to resist the Blush Blossom Dual Cheek Color in 04 Seductive Rose anymore. When it´s about Japanese makeup I have no willpower whatsoever! Sad, I know lol!
I got mine from Gooddealer as I found this to be the cheapest place to purchase this from. It retails for 4750 Yen (=about US$57 with this strong Yen!) but incl. shipping I paid several $ less from GD.

The Blush Blossom is a range of loose powder blush duos which is something quite unique as I have rarely seen 2 loose powder products filled into 1 compact...the risk of accidentially mixing the two is always there this way!

The compact is very pretty and elaborate, just as one expects from a brand like Jill Stuart

It comes with a nice brush similar to the ones found in the Mix Blush Compact but the brush is not attached to the case this time but has a pretty ribbon charm dangling from the handle instead. The bristles seem a bit stiffer than the ones from the Mix Blush Compact but still it´s a good-quality brush and perfectly usable.

The 2 loose blushes are filled into 1 tub but are separated and covered with a soft bouncy net which serves as a sifter. The net makes it pleasant to gently pick up the blushes and eliminates the necessity to shake out the powder onto a hard plastic sifter which would inevitably lead to mixing the colors.

Before closing the compact one must cover the powders with the included clear plastic sheet and the tightly closing white plastic lid to make sure not to mix the colors when tilting the compact afterwards. I find this way the powders stay in their part of the compact and there is no problem with mixing, spilling etc. 

Still this is not a no-fuzz makeup item for me as I have to be very careful not to tip the compact over during application and close it tightly afterwards or else the mess and loss will be huge. 
There was to be a better solution to have separate lids for the 2 colors but might be that was not going along with the pretty compact designing.

Anyway, the 2 colors are really super finely milled and smooth and give a gorgeous glowy finish to my cheeks which comes from very fine shimmer (no glitter, no frost!). The Blush Glow is the actual blush color whereas the Shimmer Tint on the left is used to add some extra glow. For me the Shimmer Tint makes a great blush, too, since it´s deep and pigmented enough to be a subtle blush. Otherwise if you are more tan it can act as a highlighter or to change the blush color a bit. 
The Blush Glow is really well pigmented so it takes no effort to have gorgeously flushed cheeks. It´s actually easy for me to overdo this blush so I only use very little with a careful hand. 
Since a very small amount is needed per application this 5g jar should last quite a while in my opinion. 

I got 04 Seductive Rose which looked like the perfect hot pink and peach combo for me. I find that hot pinks applied sheerly look most like my natural cheek color so they are really flattering.
The pink side actually has a *very* light blue iridescence which makes it a quite unique color in my opinion.

Overall a gorgeous new range of blushes and worth looking into. Handling this item can be a bit tricky though so one must always handle this with the greatest care.

There are 3 more permanent color and 1 limited one. Furthermore the Xmas coffret will contain 1 more color but this year I will probably skip this as the other items don´t look that appealing to me.

Rating: 4/5


reene said...

The blush color looks so pretty. I like how they have an extra cover to help keep the two powders separate. The packaging is cute too! (no surprise there from Jill Stuart) Sigh.. and here I was telling myself to stay away from these.. lol. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Two beautiful shades of prettiness :) I like how one highlights the other... absolutely gorgeous! :)

kawaiikao said...

very gorgeous swatches!

Hing said...

Such a gorgeous color!! :)

By the way, what's the difference between Mix Blush Compact #Lovely Tulip and this Seductive Rose?

bourbon fatal said...

The packaging is so cute and I really like this deep pink colour :)

♥ Starryxuan said...

This is so pretty! :)

reggi said...

um... I NEED TO HAVE THIS NOW!!!!! *dies* :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,
Shame this isn't one of the better taupes you've tried, but it still looks very pretty on your eyes!

Funny you noticed a reddish tinge to the plum shade. I bought it a while ago and just decided to review it tonight. Check it out if you like

Thanks :)

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